White Boy

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Sept. 27th - Oct. 22nd

Wednesdays: 8:00pm

Thursdays: 8:00pm

Fridays: 8:00pm

Saturdays: 8:00pm

Sundays: 5:00pm

Tix: $35-$50



Empire Stage, 
1140 N. Flagler, 
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33304


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About the Play



I’m a hundred percent Cubano. Hello, that’s different! Mexicans are a whole ‘nother tipo de machismo, if you know what I mean. You got your rancheros, your cholitos, your mestizos, your homeboys and hoodlums, your immigrant separatist types -- Oh, and all them pissed-off Chicano Studies majors at UCLA. Then, you’ve got your other countries. Like the papis from Guatemala. Uff! Great kissers. But they’re so sexually confused. And the from Honduras? ¡Papasótes! just tease the hell out of you and never deliver. Everybody’s different. Just like Wally here. 

(to Wally)

Honey, I don’t even know where you’re from.

WALLY (proudly)





“White Boy” has been seen in a variety of venues across the country, from San Diego to New York City. It’s a love story that no one saw coming: a small town boy from Missouri moves to the big city and immediately falls for a Chicano gang member. White and brown, two colors and two cultures that should mix beautifully, yet it’s never quite that simple. Honest and provocative, funny and romantic in a way that might well surprise you. It touches on topics of today: racism and coming to terms with ones sexuality with just the perfect twist of fantasy. It offers an exploration into Latino culture and coming to terms with our inner desires that resonates and lingers.


About the Playwright


Born in Missouri, Los Angeles-based writer and playwright Michael Patrick Spillers has been weaving his tales for more than 20 years. Beginning with his first opus, “Whiskey Rainbows,” which won him a Jack Nicholson Playwriting Award, Spillers has followed up with a string of hits, including “Follow,” “Clean” and “Always and Forever,” which have all been seen and produced across the country. “White Boy” premiered in Santa Monica, and Spillers later received accolades with a production of “Divine Thing: The Joey Stefano Story,” staged in Hollywood at the St. Genesius Theatre. He’s been a member of L.A. Company of Angels, which often leads his storytelling to include situations and characters from his adopted home in Southern California.