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Ronnie Larsen is an actor-director-playwright-producer whose work has been seen in every major city in America. He wrote his first play in 1994 and his first musical in 2018. 24 of his shows have been produced and five have been seen Off-Broadway in New York City. His plays have been seen in Canada, Australia, Italy and he's had 5 different productions in London.  He has also made a documentary that had theatrical runs at the Castro Theatre in San Francisco, Cinema Village in New York City and the Laemmle 5 in Los Angeles as well as showings at numerous film festivals in America, England and the Berlin Film Festival. He currently divides his time betwen Florida, Los Angeles, New York and Mexico. He is always in search of new and interesting adventues and opportunities. He and his husband, Melqui, have been married for 10 years and they have one dog named Benakee. Welcome to
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About the Totally Naked Comedy Tour

From South Florida Gay News

Playwright and producer Ronnie Larsen is a busy man. In addition to the world premiere of his new play, “Happy Ending,” this weekend, he is launching the “Totally Naked Comedy Tour” at Empire Stage on Monday, May 8.

Larsen has assembled four “very funny, very sexy, very naked” male standup comedians from New York City’s comedy club circuit for the two-week run.

Larsen thinks the gimmick is a sure thing: “People bought tickets for ‘Naked Boys Singing’ last year and there is actually a show running in London where audiences pay to watch naked guys read books aloud.”

Three of the comics are straight and one, Adam Chisnall, is gay. In addition to his frequent appearances at Manhattan clubs, he is also a busy actor, director and producer, and the founder of the One-Act Comedy Festival.

“Yeah, I did give it a second thought,” he admitted when Larsen offered him a gig in South Florida telling jokes in the buff. “I did ask how much money would be involved, who I would be performing for, et cetera et cetera, but I wanted to do something different and that’s why I decided to do it.”

He’s looking forward to the enthusiastic audiences that have already sold out many of the performances.

“It gives me peace of mind that the audience knows what they’re getting into,” Chisnall explained. “I’m not the most fit person and I’m kind of hairy…but no matter how hot or hairy or insecure you may be, comedy cures that.”

He’s relieved that several local nudist groups have booked up performances and plan to attend the performance wearing only their birthday suits.

To combat stage fright, acting coaches often encourage their students to imagine the audience in their underwear or naked, so that is the ideal situation for a performer making his naked debut on stage.

Two years ago, local audiences saw Chisnall in “Old Jews Telling Jokes” at Broward Stage Door Theatre in Coral Springs—and he was definitely clothed for the mostly senior audience.

He’s not concerned that appearances in the “Totally Naked Comedy Tour” will stunt his career, either. In fact, he said, “If anything, it will help.” 

Chisnall was born on Staten Island, but grew up in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania. A musical theater major in college, he took time off to study with the Second City company in Chicago.

“One of the requirements was to get up in front of the class and put on a stand-up act. I told the story about how I lost my virginity, ironically in a closet,” Chisnall recalled on the phone while walking to an appearance at a local club. He’s called New York City home for the past eight years.

The multi-talented performer’s ideal job would allow him “to do it all, produce, write, direct and act,” even if he’s not necessarily the star, “and put it all into one show.” And if he has to be clothed, that’s okay, too.

Adam Chisnall will appear with Robert Puncher, Juannell Riley and Gabriel Marshall in Ronnie Larsen’s “Totally Naked Comedy Tour,” opening Monday, May 8 and running through May 20 at Empire Stage, 1140 N. Flagler Drive in Fort Lauderdale. Tickets are $35 – 50 at 

Totally Naked Comedy Tour - 7 Stages - Atlanta


 Click here for Individual Tickets



August 17th - August 27th

Thursdays: 8:00pm

Fridays: 8:00pm

Saturdays: 7:00pm & 10:00pm

Sundays: 5:00pm

Tix: $35-$50



7 Stages
1105 Euclid Ave NE, 
Atlanta, Georgia 30307



Goldstar Audience Reviews

Goldstar Audience Reviews

"Great show. Comics were very funny." Mike3131

"Great time, funny and really HOT GUYS." John P. Oglesby

"It was great and all the four comedians did their best to make the show successful." Mahmoud

"The comedians were easy on the eyes and generally entertaining." TruckStop Sally was very funny!: Boss Lady

"Attractive and funny comics, full house on closing night, thoroughly enjoyed myself. Each comic was relatively comfortable being fully unclothed and interacted very well with the audience. I'd see it again." Jeff B.

"I give the guys alot of credit to be able to stand up naked in front of an audience for an extended amount of time. The comedians seemed very natural and had good back and forth with the audience. I enjoyed the intimate venue and was pleasantly surprised to have wine included with the ticket!" JoBro

"The whole experience was a trip. I loved Gabriel. I think he needs to be rescued. It was worth the money." Benoit Mailloux

"The guys were certainly quite good looking as well as clever and funny. They interacted with and played off the audience a lot but also had jokes ready. Nude comedians made for an unusual show and one that I would see again since a different audience would make it a different show." Robert

"Going on opening night was interesting. The guys were nervous and it showed, which gave it the feel of the experimental theater that it was. Above the waist, you had 4 talented comedians with very different styles, and below the waist, you had four distractions. Overall, a very fun night that makes me want to go back toward the end of the run to see how it evolves. I recommend!" Kevin S.


About the Show

Four sexy and funny male comedians from the New York City comedy club circuit bare it all at 7 Stages for two weeks only! This show brings new meaning to the words "funny bone". These funny, handsome and very diverse comics come together in one show geared for an all-inclusive night of sexy comedy for gay and straight audiences alike.  

The Comedians - Stay Tuned for Atlanta Line-Up

Our Ft. Lauderdale Cast

Adam Chisnall 

Adam was last seen here in South Florida performing at Stage Door Theatre's production of Old Jews Telling Jokes. Adam has been see off-Broadway in The Jackie Mason Musical,  has toured with Chamber Theatre Productions, and works as an emcee with Broadway's Next Hit Musical. You can also check out Adam's talk show #theOUTtalk on OutliciousTV. As a comic Adam has worked at Caroline's, Stand Up NY, Broadway Comedy Club, New York Comedy Club, Hoboken Comedy Festival, and has toured with Comedy's Best Kept Secret


Robert Punchur 

Robert Punchur is a Model Comedian based out of NYC. He is as handsome as he is hilarious with more wit in a single sculpted tit than most performers have in their entire tired deflated bodies. At 24 years old, Robert has spent a quarter of his life professionally entertaining. He features in standup comedy clubs across the country and has made appearances on MTV, Elite Daily's 'Generation WHY' web series, and most recently- 'Sex Drugs and Rock N Roll' on FX. His standup has been featured on ComedyTimeTV and Hulu’s Quicklaffs. His face has been featured by Gucci and Ralph Lauren. Robert's on-stage style has been described as charmingly deliberate and unpredictable. Topics range from relationships to religion, blending traditional one-liners with stories of self-discovery in fashion and comedy communities. 


Juanell Riley

Juannell Riley is a Standup Comic and blogger. He is also a member of the Columbia Law School graduating class of 2018. His blog, "Do Nothing, Say Nothing" is renowned for its smooth prose, illuminating insights, and moderate tone dealing with complicated issues of social justice. He performs regularly at Dangerfield's Comedy Club, Broadway Comedy Club, and various other venues in New York City. He has recently won Gotham Comedy Club's "Funniest in School", StandupNY's "Bring it!", and Broadway Comedy Club's Industry Showcase. You can follow him on instagram: @jriley_comedy and on facebook: @jrileycomedy.

Gabriel Marshall

Gabriel Marshall is an U.S. Army Veteran and Stand-Up comedian based in NYC. He has toured across the U.S. and worked in different capacities for multiple television programs, including "Harry," "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon," and "Saturday Night Live." He is currently a freelance contribitor to "Weekend Update" and serves as an opener for legendary comedian Darrell Hammond.