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Ronnie Larsen is an actor-director-playwright-producer whose work has been seen in every major city in America. He wrote his first play in 1994 and his first musical in 2018. 24 of his shows have been produced and five have been seen Off-Broadway in New York City. His plays have been seen in Canada, Australia, Italy and he's had 5 different productions in London.  He has also made a documentary that had theatrical runs at the Castro Theatre in San Francisco, Cinema Village in New York City and the Laemmle 5 in Los Angeles as well as showings at numerous film festivals in America, England and the Berlin Film Festival. He currently divides his time betwen Florida, Los Angeles, New York and Mexico. He is always in search of new and interesting adventues and opportunities. He and his husband, Melqui, have been married for 10 years and they have one dog named Benakee. Welcome to
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Buy Tix - Shooting Porn: Live On Stage! - Empire Stage - Ft. Lauderdale



February 9th - March 12th

Thursday: 8:00pm

Fridays: 8:00pm

Saturday: 4:00pm & 8:00pm

Sunday: 4:00pm & 7:00pm



Empire Stage, 
1140 N. Flagler, 
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33304



Shooting Porn: Live On-Stage

Shooting Porn: Live On-Stage - About the Show



The Back Story: “When Making Porn was playing in LA the first time, I met a bunch of porn stars so I decided to make a documentary about their lives and the process of shooting porn movies. The movie was NOT a film adaptation of my play, Making Porn, it was an actual documentary. After the movie came out I wanted to see if I could actually stage the movie and then turned it into a play. To the best of my knowledge no one had ever made a documentary and then turned it in to a stage play, so in a sense the whole thing was just a big experiment for me.” Ronnie Larsen



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     Length: 90 minutes


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Ft. Lauderdale Cast of Shooting Porn at Empire Stage

Adam Davenport

"Adam is a character actor in a leading man's body." - Academy Award nominee Sally Kirkland

Adam Davenport graduated from Yale University and made his New York acting debut in Michael Bergmann's opera adaptation of Bonfire of the Vanities. Recently, Davenport performed at Carnegie Hall and was included by DNA Magazine on their Best of 2016 list--he is one of the few African American models to be featured by this Australian-based magazine which celebrates the most beautiful young men in the world. He studied improv at Groundlings under Mikey Day, who is currently a cast member of Saturday Night Live (Donald Trump, Jr.). Academy Award winner Olympia Dukakis directed him in a reading of Amiri Baraka's controversial Dutchman, and he was cast opposite Academy Award nominee Margaret Avery (The Color Purple) in Justin Emeka's workshop production of The Glass Menagerie in Cleveland. Last year he made history when he was cast as Hercules in the indie musical feature "Project Olympus." As a fitness model, Davenport is repped by Silver Models and has done campaigns for a nearly a dozen commercial brands, including AbCoaster, GMC, Klipsch Audio and  Cazadores Tequila. He is also an EDM DJ/producer and his debut single "My Return Address is You," featuring Shanica Knowles, is being released by Independent Ear/Universal Music Group on January 27th.


Kyle Garcia


Kyle Garcia is extremely proud and humbled to be a part of this production. Born and raised in South Florida, Kyle first performed on this very stage at the age of 12. You might’ve seen him in this past summer’s “Gilligan’s Fire Island” as the notorious Cody Tanner. After many years of performing on the stage in South Florida and New York, he is currently pursuing his career as a TV and Film actor in Los Angeles; appearing in such television hits as Law & Order: SVU, Blue Bloods, and Smash. He is also a singer and songwriter, having released his debut album “The Departure” last year with his band AutoMatixx. Kyle would like to thank his closest friends and family for their constant love and support. Thank you to the cast and crew of “SP” for dedication and hard work. And lastly, a special thanks to Ronnie Larsen and David Gordon for inviting me to come have some fun!  


David Gordon as Gino Colbert

David Gordon is the owner of Empire Stage. Shooting Porn is the 7th show David Gordon and Ronnie Larsen have done together. Other projects Making Porn, 10 Naked Men, Sex and Violence, All-Male Peep Show, Cocksucker: A Love Story and The Penis Talk Show.

Terry Lee Hicks

A California native, Terry was most recently seen in the national tour of He Said/She Said: an election musical (Connor Valentine). Other favorite credits include: The Berenstain Bears LIVE! (Cousin Freddy), Saturday's Voyeur 2015 (Ensemble, u/s Jesus), A Year with Frog and Toad (Snail), Spring Awakening (Hanschen), and Avenue Q (Rod).


Jonathon Horton



Jon is from Canton Township, Ohio, and is a graduate of the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts. Jon currently resides in NYC and is very excited to be making his debut in Florida! His roles on stage include the lead in the Off-Broadway show "Crossing Verrazano", where he received a great mention in Theater Mania as the show's most "beguiling performance." Jon also has a musical theater background and recently was a supporting role in the Off-Broadway show "ALEX" (Avian. Learning. Experiment.). Other roles include the co-lead as Stanley Jerome in "Broadway Bound" which was performed at The Heights Players, Bernie Goetz in the immersive show Nightmare NYC (where he was featured on the cover of the NYC Metro Newspaper), Jeffrey Dahmer in "Killers", a lead role for Timothy Haskell's interactive/immersive show "This is Real" (which gained Jon a feature in the NYC Post), and Jon was Beverly Bonner's second banana in "Casey 30 Years Later" at the Broadway Comedy Club. Jon has also stared, produced, and co-wrote an Off-Broadway musical "Mirror, Mirror, A Musical in Seven Times". You can catch Jon being featured in three Zagat videos, a supporting role in "Scars for Eyes", directed by the award-winning documentary director Doan Hoang, of "Oh Saigon", and multiple leads in Bshani Ben Films. Jon would like to thank Mr. Ronnie Larsen for giving him such a great opportunity. Jon also thanks his mother, Bridget, who never gives up on her battle with Lupus. "Thanks for staying strong Mom!" Lastly, Jon thanks his mother again for having a vacation here many, many years ago in the month of February, because well, Jon was conceived right here in Fort Lauderdale. Contact Jon at:, 


Ronnie Larsen as Chi Chi LaRue

 Ronnie Larsen is an actor-director-playwright-producer whose work has been seen in every major city in America, as well as in Canada, Australia, Italy and London. Twelve of his plays have been produced and five have been seen Off-Broadway in New York City. He has also made a documentary that had theatrical runs at the Castro Theatre in San Francisco, Cinema Village in New York City and the Laemmle 5 in Los Angeles as well as showings at numerous film festivals in America, England and the Berlin Film Festival.

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"Jubilant crowds are offered a bawdy, hilarious, thought-provoking, shocking, touching, and altogether exhilarating theater piece.” 

“An evening of good, dirty fun.” 


“Surprisingly entertaining and too, too funny.” 


“The most entertaining and fun show in Los Angeles this Fall.” 


“Illuminating, insightful, and thought-provoking.” 


“Uproariously funny! Beyond hysterical!” 


“Tight, fun, and lively.” 

SFGN NEWS: 'Shooting Porn' vs. 'Making Porn': Playwright Explains Difference

Playwright Ronnie Larsen has a conundrum: Audiences confuse his new play, “Shooting Porn! Live on Stage!,” with his Off-Broadway hit, “Making Porn.”

Already, fans are posting comments on online ticketing sites about how much they enjoyed the last production they saw of “Shooting Porn.”

“If you live in Florida, you’ve never seen this play,” Larsen declared. “The confusion is a problem.”

Unlike “Making Porn,” the fictional account of a gay-for-pay porn star’s experiences that has been produced hundreds of times around the world, “Shooting Porn” is the staged version of a documentary film about the porn industry Larsen produced and directed more than 20 years ago. That dramatization is receiving its Florida premiere this weekend.

Larsen made the documentary after being approached by real-life porn actors who were in the audiences of “Making Porn” in Los Angeles.“

They asked me how I found out about their stories,” Larsen recalled, “and they invited me to their sets. After watching three or four movies being shot, I thought somebody should really capture what happens behind the scenes.”

The documentary was an instant success, earning screenings on the gay and lesbian film festival circuit and eventually was commercially distributed.

“This was before reality television,” Larsen said. “It was explicit, even graphic, and very honest. The closest comparison might be the ‘Real Sex’ series that used to air on HBO. I’m not going to say I was a pioneer, but 10 to 15 years ago, the porn industry had not been exposed like it has now.”

But “Shooting Porn” should definitely not be confused with “The Office,” “Modern Family” or any of the popular “Housewives” reality shows.

That’s when the playwright got the idea to turn the documentary into a stage show. The documentary script was transcribed almost verbatim and performed by six actors.

“It’s really cool, all the action takes place on the stage, but there are cameras and monitors, also, so it feels like the audience is really there at the filming of a porn movie. It’s easy to forget,” he explained, also pointing out the sex scenes are simulated, even if the on-stage nudity is not.

Larsen recruited three New York actors for the production opening this weekend at Empire Stage in Fort Lauderdale, the first time the play has been staged in more than a decade.

Adam Davenport, a chiseled model, actor and singer takes on the lead role. The DNA magazine cover model is definitely more than a pretty face, having even performed opera.

“The cast has to be just right because of those monitors,” said Larsen, noting the video gets “up close and personal.”

Empire Stage’s resident producer, David Gordon, a veteran of “Making Porn,” also takes the stage, along with Larsen, who portrays famed porn producer/drag personality, Chi Chi LaRue.

“Every time I do a play in Fort Lauderdale I seem to wind up in drag,” laughed Larsen, who donned wigs and dresses in both his plays, “All-Male Peep Show” and “Cocksucker: A Love Story,” mounted at Empire Stage.

Ronnie Larsen’s “Shooting Porn! Live on Stage!” will be performed Feb. 9 – March 12 at Empire Stage, 1140 N. Flagler Dr. in Fort Lauderdale. Tickets are $35 – 50 at

Shooting Porn - Past Productions


PRODUCTION HISTORY: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Palm Springs, Chicago. Next City - Ft. Lauderdale, Feb. 2017




Gino Colbert played Gino Colbert

Ronnie Larsen played Chi Chi LaRue

Gabriel Macen played Actor #1

Chad Donovan played Porn Star #1

JT Sloan played Porn Star #2

Peter Nevargic played Porn Star #3



  • Jason Branch played Actor #2 (San Francisco, Chicago)
  • Peter Dixon played Actor #1 (Chicago)
  • Blake Harper played Actor #1 (San Francisco)
  • Billy Masters played Actor #1 (Palm Springs)
  • Austin Reeves played Actor #3 (Los Angeles)
  • Joshua Scott played Actor #2 (Palm Springs)
  • Mickey Skee played Actor #1 (Los Angeles)
  • David Thompson played Gino Colbert (Los Angeles)