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Ronnie Larsen is an actor-director-playwright-producer whose work has been seen in every major city in America. He wrote his first play in 1994 and his first musical in 2018. 24 of his shows have been produced and five have been seen Off-Broadway in New York City. His plays have been seen in Canada, Australia, Italy and he's had 5 different productions in London.  He has also made a documentary that had theatrical runs at the Castro Theatre in San Francisco, Cinema Village in New York City and the Laemmle 5 in Los Angeles as well as showings at numerous film festivals in America, England and the Berlin Film Festival. He currently divides his time betwen Florida, Los Angeles, New York and Mexico. He is always in search of new and interesting adventues and opportunities. He and his husband, Melqui, have been married for 10 years and they have one dog named Benakee. Welcome to
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      M = Men

      W = Women

      TG = Transgender

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Girl Meets Girl


Girl Meets Girl

     by Sally Stover and Ronnie Larsen


     Story: The story focuses on Anita, a magazine editor who’s turning 40 and fed up with her job. Her friends throw her a surprise birthday party, and that evening Anita meets a woman who sweeps her off her feet. The play explores the journey of this wild relationship and the affect it has on the circle of friends.



     Girl Meets Girl Script: PDF - Word Document - Web - Excerpt


     Length: 90 minutes



  • ANITA, a workaholic
  • ANNIE, a stripper
  • LOIS, a womens studies professor
  • KIM, Lois' partner
  • BUD, Lois' student
  • GLORY, a health nut and ex-hippie


      Actor History

  • Jessica Danford played Bud
  • Paula Fins played Glory
  • Lisa Joffroy played Anita
  • Dinah Leffert played Annie
  • Elizabeth Romaine played Kim
  • Halo Summerlin played Lois

     The Following Actors Have Also Appeared In The Play

  • Dylan Chenery played Lois
  • Camille Bird played Glory
  • Zehra Berkman played Anita
  • Cleo Brittan played Anita
  • Angie Bush played Kim
  • Angela Carmen played Kim
  • Heidi Cotton played Bud
  • Jamie Cotton played Annie
  • Sarah Gaboury played Annie
  • Megan Harding played Bud and Anita
  • Kassandra Kay played Kim
  • Sean'a Mahoney played Annie
  • Mercury played Bud
  • Twyla Meyer played Glory
  • Connie Noble played Glory
  • Veneita Porter played Lois
  • Ruby Strange played Kim
  • Lea Anne Wolfe played Lois
  • Deb Wright played Glory
  • Dylan Yates played Lois
  • Lisa Joffrey played Anita
  • Carolyn Anhalt played Anita


     Audio Description:




     Video: There is currently no video.



“A four-star crowd-pleaser…the most thoroughly satisfying lesbian comedy since the award-winning "Valsetz" (1997). This highly agreeable romantic sitcom is a wise and witty view of girl-to-girl courtship in the modern age,”


“This is a delightful and quirky celebration of womanhood.”


“Girl Meets Girl has been a success in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Now at Denver's Phoenix Theatre, the romantic comedy gives lesbians a version of themselves. The erotica infused throughout is nicely conducted, with real intimacy between the players.”


“The women of "Girl" waste little time shedding clothing…but "Girl" raises some important issues.”


     Licensing Availability: Available for production, co-production and/or licensing.