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Scenes From My Love Life

  • ISAAC, a sex addict, dating Chris
  • CHRIS, Isaacs' frustrated boyfriend
  • STEVE, Isaacs' best friend
  • RICHARD, Isaac and Steves' flighty friend
  • MIKE, a prissy sweater queen
  • BILL, a man obsessed with personal ads
  • LARRY, friend of Bill and Allens'
  • ALLEN, a doctor
  • GENE, a drag queen

Making Porn

  • ARTHUR MACK, a pornographer
  • JAMIE, his lover and assistant
  • JACK HAWK, a struggling actor
  • LINDA, Jacks' wife
  • RAY TANNER, a jaded porn star
  • RICKY, a wannabe porn star

10 Naked Men

  • NARRATOR, also plays Cooper Davis
  • ROBERT NICHOLS, a struggling actor
  • KENNY, Roberts best friend, dating Steve
  • STEVE, a hustler, dating Kenny
  • JEFFREY SILVER, an agent
  • JIM TUCKER, Roberts agent
  • RICHARD, THE AIRBORNE RANGER, a hustler trying to be an actor
  • ALLEN, a commercial director
  • MIKE, Allens assistant
  • COOPER DAVIS, a photographer
  • THE TOUGH EX-CON, a rapist for hire

Peep Show

  • AMEER, Peep Show owner, Middle Eastern
  • JENNIFER, a dancer, single mother, has a son at home
  • RHONDA, a dancer, "big" personality
  • SHERRY, a dancer on drugs
  • DEIDRE, a new girl looking for work
  • MIKE, married man who frequents the Peep Shows
  • KATHERINE, wife of Mike
  • BRADLEY, Mikes best friend, also visits Peep Shows
  • SUSAN, wife of Bradley
  • PHILIP, a regual customer of Jennifers
  • JANET, a cross-dressing customer
  • SHANE, an abusive customer

All-Male Peep Show

  • AMEER, the peep show manager
  • GREG, a dancer taking care of his mother
  • BRIAN, a dancer, on drugs
  • ROBERT, a dancer
  • STEVEN, a new dancer
  • MIKE, addicted to peep shows
  • KEVIN, Mikes' boyfriend
  • BRADLEY, Mikes best friend
  • JANET, a cross-dressing customer
  • PHILIP, a star-struck customer
  • SHANE, an abusive customer
  • STAR, the peep show headliner
  • GINO, assistant to the star

Shooting Porn: Live On Stage!

  • GINO COLBERT, a pornographer
  • CHI CHI LARUE, a ponographer
  • ACTOR #1, a documentarian and camera man
  • PORN STAR #1, a gay porn star
  • PORN STAR #2, a gay porn star
  • PORN STAR #3, a porn star, gay for pay

Girl Meets Girl

  • ANITA, a workaholic
  • ANNIE, a stripper
  • LOIS, a womens studies professor
  • KIM, Lois' partner
  • BUD, Lois' student
  • GLORY, a health nut and ex-hippie

A Few Gay Men

  • ALLEN, 21 and HIV positive
  • BRIAN, a jock from a conservative family
  • FRANK, sees himself as an outsider
  • GABRIEL, recovering drug addict
  • INTERVIEWER, asks all the questions
  • JOE, young guy obsessed with sex
  • MICHAEL, a married Jewish man struggling with his sexuality
  • PATRICK, academic with a PHD
  • STEPHEN, a carefree young man

Sleeping With Straight Men

  • STANLEY, a gay man obsessed with straight men
  • MOM, Stanleys' mom
  • SALLY, Stanleys' friend, a female impersonator
  • LEE, a straight man
  • KAREN, his girlfriend
  • JILL JOHNSON, a talk show host
  • JUDY, a talk show producer
  • BRIAN, a make-up artist

My Boyfriend the Stripper

  • ADAM, a workaholic in need of love
  • DAVID, a stripper
  • PETER, Adams friend, desperate for love
  • BUD, a young student
  • LARRY, a college professor,
  • GAVIN, cafe' owner

Cocksucker: A Love Story

Except for Isaac, all of the other actors play multiple roles


Joshua Dylan
Porn Theater Customer

Jimmy Miller
Isaacs Childhood Friend
Porn Theater Customer

Harry, a documentarian
Man at Gloryhole
Isaacs Childhood Friend

Bill Clinton
Isaacs Dad
Pornography Distributor

Hillary Clinton
Issacs Mom
Joshuas Mom
Dr. Laura
Military Judge
Slutty Woman in Porno Theater
Truckers Wife
Roadside worker

Monica Lewinsky
A Stripper


Charlie the Sex Addict Meets 4 Hookers

Script is currently being rewritten. No character breakdown available.