Two Dead Clowns is currently on hold while we look for a new venue.

Two Dead Clowns: Old Press Release

For Immediate Release:


World Premiere of a new play, Two Dead Clowns, at McDini's in National City.


Two Dead Clowns

Written and Performed by Ronnie Larsen


A new play about the lives of serial killer, John Wayne Gacy Jr. and actor, Divine.



Thursdays at 7:00 PM

8 Performances Only!

July 22nd-Sept. 9th, 2010


Press Night:

August 5th

7:00 PM


Running Time:

A quick 80 minutes, no intermission


All Tickets:


Tickets can be purchased at the door or online at

No reserved seating



McDini's in National City

105 East 8th St

National City, Ca 91950


Mc Dini's is one of the oldest restaurants in San Diego and this is the first time we they ever done anything like this. Food and drinks can be ordered before or after the show. They are very excited to be branching out in a new direction and presenting theatre in a place that has never had theatre before.


Contact Info:

Ronnie Larsen:


Kristie Campbell, Co-producer and publicist





About the Play

"Two Dead Clowns” is a 2-part play. Part 1 is about the life of serial killer, John Wayne Gacy Jr. and part 2 is about the life of the actor, Divine.


John Wayne Gacy Jr. was executed after being sentenced to death for killing at least 33 people. He buried many of his victims under his house. He also liked to dress up as a clown and perform for children. He was a very complicated man and the play examines his life as well as the lives of his family members and his victims.


Divine was also a killer but only on screen. Most of his fame derived from his starring roles in John Water's films as well as his recording career and nightclub appearances. “Two Dead Clowns” focuses on the last weekend of his life as he was preparing to shoot an episode of “Married With Children” in Los Angeles. He was to play Uncle Otto and, unlike most of his roles with John Waters, he would not be performing in drag. He died the night before the taping.


These performances of “Two Dead Clowns” in San Diego will be the world premiere. All of Larsen's plays have premiered in either Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles or New York.  Premiering in San Diego is a first for Larsen.


About the author:

Ronnie Larsen is an actor-director-playwright whose work has been seen in every major city in America, as well as in Canada, Australia, Italy and London. Twelve of his plays have been produced and five have been seen Off-Broadway in New York City. He has also made a documentary that had theatrical runs at the Castro Theatre in San Francisco, Cinema Village in New York City and the Laemmle 5 in Los Angeles as well as showings at numerous film festivals in America, England and the Berlin Film Festival. He recently took a four year hiatus from "the arts" to pursue other projects but he is back and ready to get to work again.


Artistic Statement from Ronnie Larsen

"I've missed working in the theatre more than I can express. I wrote Two Dead Clowns about 8 years ago but I sat on it because I didn't feel the time was right and I was pretty burned out and I had other things I needed to deal with. I lost both my parents in the last 5 years and that has profoundly changed my life and made me realize that life is incredibly short and that the future is now and as a friend once said, ‘Ronnie, you ain't getting any younger.’ So I'm hoping Two Dead Clowns is the beginning of a new chapter. I hope I can continue to consistently work, again. I miss touring, I miss rehearsals, I miss being on stage. I miss the audiences. I miss it all."



Ronnie Larsen's Plays

Scenes From My Love Life, Making Porn, 10 Naked Men, Peep Show, All-Male Peep Show, Girl Meets Girl, My Boyfriend the Stripper, Shooting Porn: Live on Stage!, A Few Gay Men, Sleeping With Straight Men, Cocksucker: A Love Story, Charlie the Sex Addicts Meets 4 Hookers.


Ronnie Larsen's Documentary

Shooting Porn




What critics have said about Larsen's work:


Scenes From My Love Life


"Plays out like an erotic dream...invigorating, entertaining and insightful...demands to be seen."  Chad Jones, BAY AREA REPORTER


Making Porn


"Uninhibited comedy! Street level exuberance!" Stephen Holden, NEW YORK TIMES


10 Naked Men


“…the show also has a certain effervescent appeal…the dialogue bubbles along wittily…the pacing of the short black-out scenes is tonic…sending up the Hollywood mindset is pretty easy sport but Larsen does it with flair.” Steven Winn, SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE


Peep Show


"And thanks to its flawless cast and the smooth direction of Mr. Larsen, his 90-minute intermission-less excursion behind the scenes of peep parlors that beckon in places like midtown Manhattan adds up to a good time. The characters in the show at Actors' Playhouse are engaging; the humor is winning; the conflicts are genuine, and the music lively." Lawrence Van Gelder, NEW YORK TIMES


Shooting Porn: Live On Stage!


“Surprisingly entertaining and too, too funny.” Wenzel Jones, BACKSTAGE WEST


All-Male Peep Show


“…alternates between a fairly trenchant satire on the male porn industry and at time moving piece about the individuals who populate it.” Christopher Byrne, LGNY NEWS


Girl Meets Girl


“A four-star crowd-pleaser…the most thoroughly satisfying lesbian comedy since the award-winning "Valsetz" (1997). This highly agreeable romantic sitcom is a wise and witty view of girl-to-girl courtship in the modern age.” Les Spindle, FRONTIERS MAGAZINE


My Boyfriend the Stripper


"My Boyfriend the Stripper is spanking good medicine for tortured hearts and mildewed libidos.” Anita Schmaltz, DETROIT METRO TIMES


A Few Gay Men

"...explores some tough questions with fascinating frankness." Robert Hurwitt, SF CHRONICLE


Sleeping With Straight Men


"Torn from the headlines, but a lot more entertaining, ‘Sleeping With Straight Men’ may turn out to be this summer's surprise hit play. The 90-minute romp had the audience at Friday's opening cheering at the end." Octavio Roca, SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE


Cocksucker: A Love Story


"Cocksucker: A Love Story is Larsen’s most personally revealing play to date, and its 95 minutes are packed with comedy, drama, romance, sex, satire, tragedy, and social commentary. All in all, it's quite a feat."  Richard Dodds, BAY AREA REPORTER


Charlie the Sex Addict Meets 4 Hookers


"The acting in both is as refined as the blend of farce and poignancy in Larsen’s staging." Steven Leigh Morris, LA WEEKLY


Shooting Porn: The Documentary


"Hilariously raunchy! Suggests a sense of humor is as crucial as the more obvious requirements for being a performer in gay male erotica." Kevin Thomas, LOS ANGELES TIMES