Shooting Porn the Movie

     Movie: Shooting Porn


     Director: Ronnie Larsen


     Editor: James Lyons (I miss you James. Rest in Peace.)


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     Story: Many people think Shooting Porn is a film of the play Making Porn. It is not. Shooting Porn is a documentary. It goes behind the scenes of the gay adult porn industry and focuses on the process of planning, shooting and a marketing gay adult videos. Scenes From My Love Life explores the lives of nine gay men searching for sex and love in San Francisco.


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     Running Time: 80 minutes  


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"Strictly for adults, Ronnie Larsen's "Shooting Porn" is a forthright, funny, occasionally graphic, and ultimately serious and comprehensive look at the world of gay-porn video-making." Kevin Thomas, LA TIMES

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Shooting Porn Features:

  • Ren Adams
  • Blue Blake
  • Jim Bently
  • Cino Colbert
  • Chris Green
  • David Gregory
  • Brian Kidd
  • Ronnie Larsen
  • Chi Chi LaRue
  • Johnny Rey
  • Adam Rom
  • Hunter Scott
  • B.J. Slater
  • JT Sloan
  • Mickey Skee
  • Joshua Sterling
  • Rip Stone
  • Blade Thompson
  • Adam Wilde
  • Jordan Young