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What is Sally?

Meet Sally aka Sally stover aka VeryNaughtySally aka TruckStop Sally

UPDATE 2011: Sally is currently on hiatus living with her best friend Ronnie in Mexico. She is developing a show that she hopes to premiere in San Diego entiltled Sexxxtravaganza!


Sally aka Sally Stover aka VeryNaughtySally aka TruckStop Sally aka Sally The Cocksucker was born in Fontana, California where she currently spends most of her time.


While not in Fontana, she spends her weekends in Oceanside, California where she acts as a designated driver for drunken Marines. Semper Fi, guys, Semper Fi. And while not in Oceanside she does volunteer work at the Liberty Adult Bookstore in Fontana, near Cherry and Valley.


She is the author of two plays and the proud owner of a CB radio. Her plays are Girl Meets Girl and Selling Breasts and her CB handles are TruckStopSally and ShemaleSally.


Sally even has her own web site but you have to find it on your own because it’s a filthy site!


Sally buys her clothes at Cross-Dress-For-Less and her make-up at Rite Aid.


She is inspired everyday by the love of God and the courage of Carnie Wilson.


She recently sold her play, Selling Breasts, to Ronnie Larsen who is re-writing it under the title, Charlie the Sex Addict Meets 4 Hookers. Selling Breasts was nominated for an LA Weekly Award for best playwriting. Sally feels strongly that the play did not merit a nomination for anything other than most-flawed script of 2002.



“…oh you know those LA Weekly critics…they like theatre that’s rough and raw and non-commercial…the more flaws the better! But it was still sweet of them to nominate me. Too bad the awards show was sooooooo damn long!”



The above pic is of Sally Stover when she was a young struggling writer forced to write her scripts on an old green iMac. Oh, those were the days!


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