All-Male Peep Show



All-Male Peep Show

Play: All- Male Peep Show


Playwright: Ronnie Larsen


Story: After working on the female version of Peep Show in New York, Larsen decided to do a male version. The male version explored the world of “gay erotic dancers” in Times Square. He adapted the script and the show was a bigger hit than the female version. Then after a while, Jeff Stryker was added to the show. Stryker only had 5 short lines and he wasn't hired for his speaking abilities. After Jeff Stryker did All-Male Peep Show in NY he went and did his own show called. It was called, Jeff Stryker Does Hard Time. Ronnie Larsen had NOTHING to do with that show.



Script: PDF - Word Document - Web - Excerpt


Screenplay: PDF - Word Document - Web - Excerpt


Length: 90 Minutes



*I recently completed a new draft and cut and combined a few characters but the new version has not been produced yet so I'll update the character list after the new version is performed.

  • AMEER, the peep show manager
  • GREG, a dancer taking care of his mother
  • BRIAN, a dancer, on drugs
  • ROBERT, a dancer
  • STEVEN, a new dancer
  • MIKE, addicted to peep shows
  • KEVIN, Mikes' boyfriend
  • BRADLEY, Mikes best friend
  • JANET, a cross-dressing customer
  • PHILIP, a star-struck customer
  • SHANE, an abusive customer
  • STAR, the peep show headliner
  • GINO, assistant to the star

Actor History

New York Production/Off-Broadway

  • Adam Beckworth played Kevin
  • Anthony Albanese played Robert
  • Barry Briscoe played Jeff Strykers' assistant
  • Michael A. Fox played Shane
  • Steve Hunneshagen played Ameer
  • Mark Leneker played Bradley
  • Chris Masello played Steven
  • Emmanuel Marx played Brian
  • Rob Meisenburg played Robert
  • Jeffrey Middleton played Janet
  • Jeff Stryker played himself
  • Tony Trbovich played Brian
  • Mark Wright played Greg
  • Robert Young played Mike

SF Production/Victoria Theatre

  • Scott Campbell played Bradley
  • Gino Colbert played Gino
  • Chad Donovan played Greg
  • Paul Tena played Ameer
  • Erich Lange played Mike
  • Tommy Lord played Steven
  • Brad Phillips played Robert
  • Marco Rossi played The Star
  • Octavio Saez di Ibarra played Janet
  • Jared Scott played Kevin
  • JT Sloan played Brian
  • Max Stone played Shane


History: Listen to podcast.


Produced Cities: Off-Broadway, New York City, San Francisco


Audio Description:




Video: Video Coming Soon



“…reveals Larsen’s penchant for bitch wit with a touch of poignance...and just like in real life, the boys come out in to the orchestra for some touchy-feely audience participation.” GENE PRICE, SF BAY TIMES


“…alternates between a fairly trenchant satire on the male porn industry and at times moving piece about the individuals who populate it.” CHRISTOPHER BYRNE, LGNY NEWS


“Larsen is a clever writer and director and knows how to write a funny line or develop a witty scene. Some of his best jokes are self-referential, with biting references to his past stars Ryan Idol and Jeff Styrker and even to the folly of spending 35 dollars to watch porn stars act.” RICHARD DODDS, BAY AREA REPORTER


Licensing Availability: Available for production, co-production and/or licensing.


Future: Currently being planned for Ft. Lauderdale in Feb. 2012 and San Diego.


Royalty Information: Available for licensing.