Actor Contract

ACTOR CONTRACT for ____________________________ by _______________________________________



The Producer of this show is Ronnie Larsen Presents. Ronnie Larsen Presents is the sole producer on this project and no other entities have liability if this contract is breached by the production company Ronnie Larsen Presents.


Ronnie Larsen - 619-755-5613


The Associate Producer of this show is Melquisedel Dominguez Cadena - 619-755-6885


Production Assistants - Joni:  818- 590-4448


Production Assistants - Cosmo: 818-590-4448



The Co-Producer of this show is ___________________________________



The Director of this production is___________________________________



Rehearsal Dates________________________________________________



Performance Dates______________________________________________



Actor Arrival Date________________________________________________



Performance Schedule____________________________________________



Actor’s Name___________________________________________________



Actor’s Stage Name______________________________________________



Actor’s Role____________________________________________________



Actor’s Pay_____________________________________________________



Responsibility of Producer


  1.  Producer will treat Actor with respect at all times.
  2. Producer will pay Actor’s salary on the second Sunday night after the last show of the second week.
  3. Actor agrees to take notes and direction from the Producer, the Director and anyone the Producer/Director designates as someone allowed to give notes. 
  4. Producer will supply actor with a costume and Producer will be in charge of getting that costume cleaned when needed.
  5. Producer will not photograph or video tape any performers during the show or during the rehearsal when the actor is fully nude unless the actor agrees before hand.
  6. Producer will provide each actor with 4 comps to be used during the run of the show. Additional cast tickets will be $10 each.
  7. Comps will be arranged thru Joni only and NOT anyone else.
  8. Producer agrees not to bad mouth or gossip about the Actor or the cast on any social media such as Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  9. Producer will pay Actor more money in the case of added performances if actor is contracted per show. If ACTOR is contracted on a weekly basis no extra monies will be paid for extra performances.
  10. Actor will receive 4 comps for the run of the show.



Responsibility of Actor


  1. Actor agrees to be off-book before the start of rehearsals
  2. Actor agrees to not give notes, direction, suggestions or feedback to the other actors. 
  3.  Actor agrees to wear the costume he was assigned and make no changes to that costume for the duration of the show.
  4.  Actor agrees to take direction.
  5. Actor agrees to be on time for rehearsal and performances and to notify the Producer in case of lateness. 
  6. Actor agrees to state complaints, suggestions and disagreements directly to the Producer and not in public or directly to the other actors.  
  7. Actor agrees to appear completely in the nude during the course of the performance if and when the script dictates if applicable.
  8. Actor agrees to NOT have sex backstage with his fellow actors and/or get an erection on stage during the play. 
  9. Actor agree to memorize the script as written and not change lines are improvis lines unless specifically directed to do so by the Director or Producer. 
  10. Actor will not photograph or video the other Actor’s unless the other actor gives specific permission. 
  11. Actor agrees to forfeit any salary for the week if the actor leaves the show before the performance week is over. 
  12. If Actor leaves the show without proper notice forcing the Producer to cancel the Actor is liable for lost ticket sales
  13. Actor agrees to stay on stage and take Selfies with the audience after each performance if applicable.
  14. Actor will not take friends or family in to the dressing room. 
  15. Actor agrees not to bad mouth or gossip about the production or the cast on any social media such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. 
  16. Actor agrees to allow Producer to use his face and name for promotional purposes of this show and in future archives of the show.
  17. Actor agrees to perform for an audience of nudists who will be watching the show naked if the situation presents itself. 
  18. Actor agrees not to arrive at the theater under the influence of any drugs or alcohol. Intoxication of any kind will be grounds for removal from the production and actor will forfeit their pay for the week.
  19. Actor must not change haircut, hair color or hairstyle once hired for production.
  20. Actor must not obtain body modifications such as tattoos, piercings or gain or lose significant body weight once hired for production. 
  21. Expenses must be approved through Cosmo.
  22. Actor agrees to submit bio and headshot to be used in playbill immediately after casting. Bio is not to exceed 100 words.

Specify Addendums

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2. ?

3. ?





The Producer, the Co-Producer and the Actor are in full agreement as evidenced by the signatures of each party.