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            Actor is in sweat pants, standing by a sink with a small
            plastic bottle.

                      I think that like the most difficult part
                      of the day for me would had to have been
                      the douching and the getting ready for that
                      part of it, because it took a lot longer
                      than I thought it was going to take because
                      you want to make sure you're really ready
                      to go. I'm gonna just fill this little guy

            Starts to fill the bottle.

                                PS#1 (CONT'D)
                      You know, one time I did this and was way
                      too hot.  I shoved it up my ass and I was
                      like, Wow. Fuck. Too hot. And when you
                      see me my dick will be small, small,
                      small because there's no turn on to this.
                      Oh you guys are hurting for film if you
                      guys are like filming this. I'm just
                      filling up this little bottle, it's no
                      big deal.  Oh, this is really funny and
                      it's really important. 

            Shows the camera the bottle. 

                                PS#1 (CONT'D)
                      See, I have to make sure that the bottle
                      is filled up right to the top and that
                      there's no air in there because if
                      there's air in there, there's air in me
                      and it makes me bloated. So, you guys get
                      to hear all the sounds of it, too.
                      That'll be great. So, now I'm gonna wipe
                      my hands here.

            Wipes hands, but looks into the camera 

                                PS#1 (CONT'D)
                      Hi mom, I'm doing this because I love
                      you. Okay. And my balls will be all
                      shrunken because it's kinda cold. So now
                      you get to see me. 

            Takes down back of his sweats to expose his ass, and bends over
            to clean the toilet with toilet paper. 

                                PS#1 (CONT'D)
                      Oh, and I have to make sure that the
                      toilet is clean cause you never know
                      who's been there. You can get a good shot
                      of my butt now. This butt has paid for
                      most of my college. My truck. My rent.
                      And all of my Armani suits. But I guess
                      everyone in the business already knows
                      that. Here we go. 

            Stands up, lowers his pants to his knees, and prepares to
            insert the enema. 

                                PS#1 (CONT'D)
                      Now, I know there's gonna be some fag out
                      there who'll say, "I can't believe he's
                      doing that." You know what honey? 
                      Fucking turn your head. Tube up my butt.
                      Wait, I can't even find it yet.  Oh,
                      there it is.  You know, the beginner
                      people like lay down on the floor like
                      the instructions tell you. I think that's

            Music cue #5 Once In A Lifetime by Talking Heads 

            PS#1 sits on the toilet and starts to read a magazine. The
            camera man continues to film him until finally PS#1 indicates
            for him to cut and he does, switching the monitors to blue. 

                                                       LIGHT CUE: BLACK 

                                                   CAMERA: BLUE MONITORS 


            The actors and Chi Chi enter for Chi Chis' shoot. Music
            continues to play until they get settled. 

                                                  LIGHT CUE: GENERAL WASH

                      Okay lets do this. Is everybody ready? Is
                      everybody ready to make a movie? Is
                      everybody excited?

            They all nod yes.

                                CHI (CONT'D)
                      Ok fabulous, ok, let's go! When the scene
                      starts I want you just to be standing by
                      the pool. And when I yell action just be
                      skimming the pool, just be skimming the
                      pool, just be skimming the pool. And you
                      just film him skimming the pool and you
                      watch him skim the pool. Then after like
                      three or four skims I want you to feel his
                      eyes on the back of your head. Then slowly
                      turn and see him looking at you, and lock
                      eyes. Make it really intense. Then look at
                      him and say,"it sure is hot out here
                      today." OK?  Then just keep looking at him
                      then start rubbing your crotch really
                      seductively and say back to him say,"it
                      sure is." That's good, right? Then, after
                      that, do something like look up at the sun
                      or wipe your brow then say,"and I think
                      it's getting hotter." And then we'll start
                      the sex and once we get to that I just need
                      a lot of ass licking and butt-fucking and
                      cock-sucking and you know what to do, OK? 
                      Just keep it hot and nasty! Okay lets do
                      this and Action! Wait stop...turn the
                      fucking camera on I don't see a picture. 
                      When I say action I need to see a fucking
                      picture.  That's how you make a movie

            All freeze except A#1

                                                   LIGHT CUE: CENTER SPOT

                          (to audience)
                      Things happen on sets where models have
                      like put their foot through a $5000
                      painting, those needed to be fixed. Or
                      broke crystal vases or left skid marks on
                      silk couches.

            All unfreeze.

                                                  LIGHT CUE: GENERAL WASH

            Camera is on and picture appears on the monitor 

                      Is that my picture? Oh great here we go,

                                                 LIGHT CUE: CHAISE LOUNGE

            Skims the pool and then says... 

                      Sure is hot out here.

                      It sure is.

            PS#2 runs his finger lightly over the bulge in his Speedo

                      OK, bitch, it's a cock, not a clit.  What
                      are you doing?  I said grab the cock. I'm
                      gonna fuckin throw up.  OK, from the top. 
                      Ready?  Action!

            Skims the pool and then says 

                      Sure is hot out here.

                      It sure is

            PS#2 grabs the bulge in his Speedos aggressively.  PS#3 puts the
            skimmer away and starts to walk over slowly to PS#2

                      Take your time.  Take your time.  Nice.
                      Nice.  Get a shot of the bouncing pecs.
                      Nice.  Do not take your eyes off each
                      other.  Nice,  Very intense.  Keep it
                      magical.  Keep looking at each other. Good. 
                      Now start rubbing your crotches very
                      seductive.  Keeping rubbing.  That's hot. 
                      OK, now give me some dialogue.

                                PS#2 PS#3
                          (in unison - flatly)
                      Oh yeah.  Yeah.  Oh, yeah.  That's a nice
                      piece.  Yeah.  I want it.

                      Be more creative, please.  I need better

                                PS#2 PS#3
                      Yeah, you gonna give it to me?  Yeah, you
                      want big Daddy?  Nice piece.  You want
                      that?  Yeah.

                      OK, that's enough dialogue, let's move on. 
                      Keep looking at each other and keep rubbing
                      your crotches.  OK, JT, slowly bring your
                      hand down to his crotch. Slowly.  And
                      slowly, show me the outline of his cock
                      through his shorts.

            PS#3 does this hesitantly with a grimace on his face.  PS#2 is
            bored. Give me some dialogue please.

                      Oh, that feels great.

                      You like that.


                      OK, JT.  Now slowly reach in his shorts and
                      slowly pull it out for me.  OK?

            PS#3 does so with some difficulty.  This next scene is done with
            a great deal of uncomfortableness and awkwardness. 

                                CHI (CONT'D)
                      Girl, can you find it?  Come on.  What
                      are you doing?  It's not a fucking worm.
                      Grab it, bitch.  Put your hands around
                      it.  Hold it lower so it looks bigger.
                      And point it towards the camera.  And, I
                      want a close up of the piss-slit.  OK,
                      now I want you to open the piss-slit -
                      make it talk to me.  Can you do that?
                      Yeah, hot - that's nasty!  Keep opening
                      it - open it as wide as you can.  I want
                      to see inside. OK, that's enough piss
                      slit.  Now, JT, bring your leg around
                      Josh and Josh, you keep jacking off. 
                      No, bitch, not like a propeller - up and
                      down!  Now, JT, I want you to take your
                      cock and beat on his lips - I want to
                      hear the sound of it. Ready?  Go. 

            PS#2 makes a sound like he is blowing bubbles.

                                CHI (CONT'D)
                      Stop, I don't want to hear that sound.
                      Never mind.  Just fuck his mouth.  Hard.
                      Harder, Harder.  OK, Josh, give me some

            PS#2 makes a sound like he is trying to talk with his mouth
            full.  Actor#1 does lots of odd camera angles at this point.

                                CHI (CONT'D)
                      Girl, what are you doing with the camera?
                      It looks like the fucking "Blair Witch
                      Project"!  Did you like that fucking
                      film?  Just keep it steady, bitch. Steady
                      the fucking camera.  Keep it on the butt
                      or the cock - center it.  OK, cut there. 

                                                  LIGHT CUE: GENERAL WASH

            Thy are now on a break.

                                CHI (CONT'D)
                      That was good.  Okay, girl, go get hard. 
                      Grab your little straight magazine and
                      get nice and hard for me.  Then we'll
                      shoot some more. Really, really good
                      scene, ladies.  It's going really well.

     14     SCENE 14: GAY FOR PAY 

            The following speeches are done to both the audience and the
            other actors at the same time as if the audience were sitting
            around with the cast. A few times the actors speak only to the
            audience and that has been indicated specifically.  PS#3 is off
            to the side trying to get hard to a straight porn magazine.

                      Actually, I'll tell you a really funny
                      story.  I was on a set once in San
                      Francisco and this straight boy demanded
                      that he have a Hustler magazine, or he
                      couldn't get hard, OK? So, at like twelve
                      midnight we had to drive around San
                      Francisco, girl. 
                      We had to drive around looking for a
                      Hustler magazine, OK?  In the Castro, OK? 
                      I don't think so, lady!

                          (indicating PS#3)
                      He was looking at a straight porn magazine,
                      and he said, "I hope this doesn't offend
                      you." And I was like no. And my dick was
                      like, boing. It's true. He's straight. 
                      He's what they call in the industry "gay
                      for pay".

                          (to the audience)
                      But what can I do?

                      Well the big three superstars in the
                      industry are Jeff Stryker, Ryan Idol and
                      Rex Chandler. Now, the odd thing about that
                      is all three of them are straight.

                      Oh, please girl.  I'll tell you that
                      straight industry doesn't pay as much. If
                      that straight industry paid as much, all
                      these straight boys would be screwing the
                      girls for as much money as they're screwing
                      the boys. Because, I'll tell you right now,
                      it's all about the money, OK?

            Chi Chi exits and A#1 sits in the empty directors chair.

                          (to audience only)
                      This industry is more like a family kind of
                      thing. They treat you like an individuals.
                      They treat you as an individual. The other
                      industry, you're nothing but a dick.

                          (on toilet, for whole section)
                      Yeah, well I'm not real crazy about it. I
                      mean, it's like us going in to a gay bar
                      and seeing straight strippers. Here we are
                      giving our gay money and taking it out of
                      the gay community and giving it to these
                      straight guys who stand in front of us and
                      laugh and call us fags all the way home.

                      A lot of people don't like working with the
                      "gay for pay" guys. The ones who are
                      straight. I like it.  It turns me on.

                      Bring them in. Let them work, if they want
                      to. How straight could they possibly be is
                      what always the question that I ask. I was
                      on a set once and I said to the guy,
                      "Honey, you may have been straight when you
                      walked in here, but you sure are gay now.
                      Because we all just saw what you just got
                      done doing." Right? So, I always question
                      just how straight are the "gay for pay"
                      guys anyway? Couldn't be too, be too

            Gino enters during this next speech to wash his hands in the
            bathroom sink. 

                                                  LIGHT CUE: BEDROOM ONLY

                          (to audience only)
                      People guessing about my sexuality...most
                      of the time they all understand that I'm
                      straight and can deal with you. You can
                      always tell about a person by the way that
                      they act, the way that they carry
                      themselves.  There might be a few people
                      who think different but...

                                                  LIGHT CUE: GENERAL WASH

                          (wiping his hands with towel)
                      You know what, I don't buy it all. And I've
                      worked with so many guys who claim they're
                      straight and stress they're straight. And
                      frankly, they're the best cocksuckers

            All the actors point and snicker at PS#3.

                                GINO (CONT'D)
                      These are people who have this bisexual
                      thing inside of them, it's like screaming
                      to get out. And the only way they can do it
                      with another man is by doing a gay movie.
                      Then they can say, "But I was paid to do
                      it." Yeah, right. That's there permission
                      to do it.

                      Yeah, well you know what?  I don't believe
                      that they're straight. I mean. I'll give
                      them bisexual. But I will not give them
                      straight. A prototypical straight boy
                      wouldn't even go near the thought of having
                      sex with another man.

                      Although, let's flip the coin, I mean, it I
                      were asked to do a straight movie and I had
                      to fuck a girl, I would do it in a second
                      and I don't consider myself straight in any
                      way, shape, or form. I'm totally gay. But I
                      would fuck a girl in a bi movie. With no
                      problem. So what? Does that make me

                                GINO, PS#1, A#1

                                            LIGHT CUE: CHAISE LOUNGE ONLY

                          (to audience only)
                      That's the thing, I think, about this
                      industry. Everyone's sexual boundaries
                      become very blurred.  Because you work with
                      people who are called "gay for pay" and
                      they come with their girlfriends and an
                      hour later you're fucking them. And I don't
                      have a small dick. I have quite a big dick.
                      And they take it. And they love it. And
                      they cum. And then they go back home and
                      they're straight. So, you know, if you're
                      working in the industry they appear to be
                      straight to you. But probably, if you're on
                      the outside looking in, they're bent.

                                                  LIGHT CUE: GENERAL WASH

                      So, okay, let's say you went and did that
                      scene.  So, what are you gonna consider
                      yourself bi?

                      No not at all. Because I don't consider
                      myself attracted to women at all.

                      Well, that's a good point.  Because, you
                      don't do it on a regular basis.

                      But you're getting paid to have sex with a
                      female so you'd do it.

                      Ah, see?  That's true. I don't know. Chi
                      Chi returns.


                      Okay let's finish this.
                          (indicating A#1)
                      Girl, I know you're not in my chair. 

            A#1 quickly vacates the chair.

                                CHI (CONT'D)
                      OK, let's go.  JT, are you aroused?

                      Getting there.

                      OK, everyone, let's get into position. Are
                      you all ready?  Let's finish this up. Go
                      back to where you were.  JT, you were on
                      top of Josh.  You were fucking his face. 
                      Josh, your cock is out and you're jacking
                      it off.  So, what I want you to do is beat
                      your cock on his lips like you did before. 
                      But I do not want to hear that sound.  OK,
                      let me hear it.  Ready? And action.

                                                 LIGHT CUE: CHAISE LOUNGE

            PS#2 makes a popping sound.

                                CHI (CONT'D)
                      OK, now I have a fucking fish tank.
                      That's lovely.  Forget the sound affects.
                      Look, I don't want to hear anything.
                      Just fuck his mouth, JT.  Fuck it harder.
                      And, Josh, keep jacking off - stay awake,
                      lady. OK, now what I want you to do - can
                      you hear me Josh?  I want you to reach
                      up, slowly put your hands at the top of
                      JT's butt, and slowly, SLOWLY, pull his
                      shorts down so that his ass is slowly
                      revealed. OK?  Go.... God, that's a hot
                      butt!  That's a hot butt!  Nice.  Nice. 
                      Hot.  Can you pull the shorts down
                      farther?  There, that's perfect.  Nice. 
                      Hot.  Now, rub it all around - rub it
                      like a crystal ball! And, JT, keep
                      fucking his face. OK, now Josh, give his
                      ass a wack. 

            PS#2 slaps PS#3's ass, and PS#3 gives out a faint cry, which
            Chi Chi admonishes 

                                CHI (CONT'D)
                      Girl, try and enjoy it.  Another wack.
                      Zip it.  Zip, zip, zip.  And another

            PS#2 starts to play patty cake on PS#3's ass.

                                CHI (CONT'D)
                      That's very funny, bitch.  I don't need
                      the games.  Just get into his ass.  Just
                      rub his ass.  I don't need the pattycake
                      bullshit.  Just rub his ass. OK, Josh,
                      what I want you to do - JT, keep fucking
                      his face.  You both keep falling asleep
                      on me.  Josh, I want you to reach your
                      hands right inside of his ass crack, and
                      I want you to spread his ass as far as
                      you can and show me his hole.  And, I
                      want you to get a tight shot of his ass. 
                      OK?  Go. 

            PS#2 pulls PS#3's ass wide open, and PS#3 cries out again.

                                CHI (CONT'D)
                      I don't need the sound affects.  Now,
                      give me a good shot of his hole. Zoom in. 
                      Get some light in there. Tighter. 
                      Tighter.  I want to see what the bitch
                      ate for breakfast.  Open it up. OK, now
                      JT, can you wink it for me?  I want you
                      to wink your butt hole at me.  Yes,
                      that's my shot.  Yes, yes, keep winking.
                      That's perfect.  That's hot!  Perfect.
                      Let's move on. 

                                                       LIGHT CUE: BLACK 

                                                   CAMERA: BLUE MONITORS 

            Music cue #6 Penthouse And Pavement by Heaven 17 

            Chi Chi cast exits. 


                                                     LIGHT CUE: BATHROOM 

                                                CAMERA: PS#1 IN BATHROOM 

            Music fades out. When all is silent PS#1 speaks.

                          (still on toilet)
                      You know, I've done a lot of things. I used
                      to answer 911 calls. I've been a waiter. A
                      cocktail waiter. I've uh, you know, life
                      threatening jobs. But I have to say that
                      this is the hardest job I ever done. OK,
                      now I have to push, because I want to make
                      sure there's nothing else up there. Am I
                      turning red? I can't believe I'm letting
                      you guys film all of this.  Okay, now that
                      I'm done pushing, I'm gonna start wiping
                      and cleaning, and cleaning and wiping until
                      I'm sure it's absolutely clean.  And, when
                      I'm just about done wiping, I'm gonna stick
                      my finger up there, just a skosh, to make
                      sure that it's totally clean.  OK, this
                      should do it.  Yes, now, that's a clean
                      butt. This butt is clean!


                          (to PS#1, still filming him)
                      So do you parents know you're in the porn

                          (into camera)
                      When I told my dad that I was doing porn,
                      he kind of smirked and said, "Let me just
                      pretend that it's with women." 

            PS#2 enters and sits on the weight bench.

                                             LIGHT CUE: WEIGHT BENCH AREA

                          (to PS#2, filming him)
                      Do your parents know that you're in the
                      porno industry?

                          (into camera)

                      And what would they say?

                      I have no idea.

            PS#3 crosses across the stage but stays center while he answers
            the question. 

                                                   LIGHT CUE: CENTER SPOT

                          (to PS#3, filming him)
                      What about you? Do your parents know that
                      you're in the porno industry?


                      And what would they say?

                      They'd probably turn over in their grave.

                                            LIGHT CUE: WEIGHT BENCH AREA 

                                              CAMERA: PICTURES OF PARENTS

                          (to the audience)
                      You know, I'd like to tell them. I'd
                      really, really like to tell them. Because I
                      feel like each day that I go on not telling
                      them or, you know, asking them, or not
                      telling them what I'm doing, I feel like
                      I'm betraying them. But, you know, to me,
                      it's something that I just have so much fun
                      doing it that if I told them and they
                      didn't want me to do it, I would listen to
                      them and then, you know, I just wouldn't be

            PS#2 enters with the supply box and sits in the bedroom set
            on the bed. A#1 has finished filming the pictures of the
            parents and now sits on the end of the chaise lounge. 

                                                       LIGHT CUE: BEDROOM

                          (to audience)
                      My parents finally revealed to me that they
                      watched porn.  You know, that they were all
                      into porn themselves. My dad especially. He
                      was so shocked that I actually knew Sharon
                      Kane. As PS#1 refers to Sharon Kane he
                      holds up her fake plastic vagina!

                                                 LIGHT CUE: CHAISE LOUNGE

                          (to audience)
                      One thing that's very true about the porn
                      industry is all these guys arrive from the
                      Midwest to do porn thinking that their
                      parents will never see it, because they
                      come from the Midwest. That is absolutely a
                      load of crap. You know, I could tell you a
                      really, really horrible story, and I will,
                      about a very famous porn actor who hadn't
                      told his parents that he was doing gay
                      porn. His parents came to visit him in Los
                      Angeles. His father was wandering through
                      West Hollywood and all of a sudden...

                                                LIGHT CUE: BEDROOM ADDED 

            PS#1 unrolls a big porn poster.

                                A#1 (CONT'D)
                      ...there's this huge poster of his son with
                      all these guys, like, kneeling around him
                      and everything. And the father caught the
                      next plane back home. I mean, I think
                      that's a heart-breaking story. Gino enters

                                                 LIGHT CUE: GENERAL WASH 


                      Guys, let's shoot this scene. Do you have
                      the guidelines?

                      You know what, I can't find them.

                      Did you bring the guidelines?

                      I brought 'em, I can't find 'em.

                      What guidelines. What are you talking

                      It's a list of the things we cannot do in
                      the sex scenes we shoot for Leisure Time
                      Entertainment. They have a psychologist on
                      duty and he monitors every scene, and if
                      it's not politically correct, he tosses it
                      out. Won't even use it.

                      I have no idea what you're talking about.

                      Oh, it's alot of bullshit!

                      And I haven't shot in a month and I left my
                      list at home, so I'll have to go by memory.

                      Guidelines, I feel like I'm in school!

                      You'll get used to it.

                      Guys, listen, 'cause this is really
                      important. No slapping, no forcing, no four
                      letter words. Words like cunt, fuck, cock &
                      piss. But you can say suck and you can say
                      dick. But it depends how you say them. Like
                      for instance, you can't say to him, "Eat my
                      butt" or "suck my dick," because that's
                      giving an order. But you can say, "Would
                      you like to suck my dick?" or "please eat
                      my butt." You'd have to say to your scene
                      partner, "Would you like to eat my butt?"
                      And keep your hands to yourselves. Now for
                      example, you can't have your hand on his
                      head while he's sucking you, because it
                      looks like you're forcing him against his
                      will, so guys, keep your hands to
                      yourselves. And please, no religious
                      overtones. I had this one actress on the
                      set, Teri Weigel, Playboy Centerfold, and
                      every word out of her mouth was, "Oh God,
                      oh Jesus, oh Mary... I'm cumming." And we
                      had to remove all her dialogue and use
                      music. So guys, keep the dialogue very

                      What, what did you say?  Keep it vanilla?

                      The dialogue, not the sex. And don't be

                      What, me? I won't be campy. Gino leads PS#1
                      down to the weight bench area.

                                             LIGHT CUE: WEIGHT BENCH AREA

                      Come on, guys. Give me a hot scene, two hot
                      guys who are into each other. And make
                      noise. I don't use music in these movies so
                      you have to give me lots of natural sound.
                      Just explode. You know the blocking. Let's
                      loosen up, breathe, breathe. Ready? Let's
                      see the shot. Okay! Let's roll tape.


                      And ACTION!

                                             LIGHT CUE: WEIGHT BENCH AREA

                      We can't go up there. My girlfriend's
                      upstairs sleeping.

                      Cut! Cut! It's not "girlfriend", it's

                      Oh, I'm sorry.

                      Now be honest, if the dialogue's too
                      complicated, I can cut it. Can you handle

                      Yeah, I think so.

                      Are you sure? Let's go guys. Places. Roll


                      Take two, and ACTION!

                      We can't go up there. My sister's up there


                      We can't go up there, she's sleeping.

                      Your sister's upstairs sleeping?

                      I know, let's go out in the garage and pump
                      some iron.

                      Okay, great!

            They move to bench press area. PS#1 lays on bench while PS#2
            stands behind weight bar. If they are walking into the weight
            bench area from another area there should be a light cue to
            remove the light from the area they were in. 

                                             LIGHT CUE: WEIGHT BENCH AREA

                      Hey, dude. What don't you come over here
                      and spot me?


                      Make noise.



            They begin pumping and making work-out/breathing noises.
            Cameraman moves in for close-ups.

                          (to cameraman)
                      Extreme close-up of the eyes.

            Their eyes starting winking at each other as cameraman takes
            turns shooting each guy's close-up twice.

                      You look really sexy.

                      Thanks. You're fucking gorgeous.

                      Is it gonna be okay out here in the garage?

                      I guess.

                      Well, we'll just have to make do with what
                      we've got.

                      I guess.

            They begin to make out like animals, growling and grabbing, both

                      Cut! Cut! Cut! You know what?
                      I think it would look a lot better if you
                      give him head first.

                      Give who?

                          (to PS#1)
                      You give him head first. So guys, we'll
                      pick it up with the same thing. That
                      changes the camera angle, so move over
                      there.  But that was all great - the
                      growling, the embracing, the energy was
                      really good. Let's go from that same point.
                      Let's roll.


                      Take a breath guys. ACTION! 

            They resume the scene and start to pull each others pants
            down. PS#2 begins slapping PS#1's ass.

                      Ooh, yeah!

                      Ooh, yeah. Yeah, that's it.  Harder.  Ooh
                      yeah.  That's it!  Yeah! Yeah!

                      Cut! Cut! Guys, you know what I'm going to
                      tell you. Guidelines! No slapping!

                      What? That little bit if gonna offend some

                      Yes. Won't even use it.

                      Can he, I don't know, massage it hard or

                      He can massage but not hard. If it looks
                      like he forcing or hurting you, can't use
                      it. You know what? On second thought, why
                      don't you lay on the bench. We'll just
                      dissolve into it. Hang your head over the
                      bench. Your head is hanging over the bench,
                      he's fucking your mouth. Lay on your back.

                      Like that?

                      Hang your head over.

                      Like that?


                      You want more?

                      More. Perfect!

            They have sex for a few beats then Gino turns to the audience
            and everyone else freezes. 

                                                  LIGHT CUE: SPOT ON GINO

                                GINO	 (CONT'D)
                          (to the audience)
                      You know the straight sets are a lot
                      different than the gay sets, because on the
                      straight sets the girls don't know how to
                      suck dick properly. We have to show them.
                      So I'll hold class. I'll take a cucumber, a
                      carrot, whatever I can get my hands on and
                      I'll give a demonstration. You give me one
                      hour, just one hour with those chicks and I
                      make them absolute pigs. When I get done
                      with them, they'll take the balls in their
                      mouth, the cock down their throat, both at
                      the same time, and they won't come up for

                                             LIGHT CUE: WEIGHT BENCH AREA

                      So, it's just more play, play, stroke,
                      stroke, suck, suck, right?

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