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               Deidre		Where's that?

               Ameer		It's far away.

               Deidre		How long have you been in America?

               Ameer		Seven years.

               Deidre		Is your family here?

               Ameer		No, my wife and two kids are in Pakistan. 
               They're coming next year, hopefully.

               Deidre		Is it fun?

               Ameer		What?

               Deidre		Sri Lanka.

               Ameer		No. No money.

               Deidre		Oh.

               Ameer		So where are you from?

               Deidre		Oklahoma.

               Ameer		Where's that?

               Deidre		It's far away too.

               Ameer		So why you come to New York?

               Deidre		Have you ever been to Oklahoma?

               Ameer		No.

               Deidre		It's awful.

               Ameer		What do you do in New York?

               Deidre		I'm going to school.

               Ameer		What you study?

               Deidre		Biology.

               Ameer		What's that?

               Deidre		Biology?

               Ameer		Yeah, what's that?

               Deidre		It's, um, about how things like your body and
               stuff, like how things work together.

               Ameer		(he looks at her dumbfounded)  Oh.  So are you
               ready to work?

               Deidre		Well how much money can I make?

               Ameer		Oh, everybody's different.  Depends on what you

               Deidre		And there's definitely glass between me and the

               Ameer		In the booth, yes.

               Deidre		Yeah, I only want to work in the booth.  I don't
               want anyone touching me.

               Ameer		You don't like to dance?

               Deidre		I'm not a good dancer.

               Ameer		You do the dance on the laps, you make a lot more

               Deidre		I'm just not comfortable.

               Ameer		Deidre, the booth is good, but you make a lot
               more money doing lap dances.

               Deidre		How much more?

               Ameer		A lot more.

               Deidre		I just don't think I'm comfortable doing that.

               Ameer		Okay, if you change your mind you let me know. 
               So are you ready now?

               Deidre		To work?

               Ameer:		Yeah?

               Deidre		I didn't bring any clothes.

               Ameer		That's okay, we'll take care of you.  You wanna

               Deidre		Right now?

               Ameer		Sure right now.

               Deidre		I guess.

               Ameer		Don't worry you'll be fine.

               Deidre		Where do I go?

               Ameer		Okay, you come with me.

               Scene 13:  The Lap Dance:  Working Day and Night

               Sherry and Shane will begin the Lap Dance sequence, Shane is
               sitting on one of the runway cubes.  As they come to a close,
               Rhonda and Janet will role on the Grocery Wall for Katherine
               to shop at.  When Katherine is done, the two lap dance
               couples will switch positions, leaving Sherry and Shane
               exiting with wall and Rhonda and Janet on the cube dancing. 
               The process will be repeated again for Susan to grocery shop,
               except this time Jennifer and Philip will bring on the
               Grocery Wall and take over the lap dancing while Shane and
               Rhonda exit with wall.  The point of all of this is that the
               audience never sees the lap dancing couples switch positions,
               they simply appear and reappear.  Also, besides the actual
               lap dances, during the scene we see Ameer getting Deidre
               dressed and ready for her first night on the job.  (Length of
               song:  5:06)

               Working Day and Night lyrics:

               In opening music section, Ameer & Deidre

               exit, Jennifer and Rhonda cross stage,

               stopped by Ameer & Deidre's entrance.

               Deidre joins Jennifer & Rhonda and all 3

               exit off SR, Ameer off SL.

               Sherry and Shane get into place, they 					
               	begin to dance on first line of song.

               Ooh my honey

               You got me workin' day and night

               Ooh my sugar

               You got me workin' day and night

               Scratch my shoulder

               It's aching, make it feel alright

               When this is over

               Lovin' you will be so right

               I often wonder if lovin' you			Ameer & Deidre enter
               opposite sides,

               Will be tonight					Ameer gives an outfit to her.

               But what is love girl

               If I'm always out of sight (ooh)

               (That's why)					Ameer & Deidre exit opposite

               You got me workin' day and night

               And I'll be workin'

               From sun up to midnight

               You got me workin', workin' day and night		Katherine goes
               grocery shopping.

               You got me workin', workin' day and night		Janet & Rhonda
               switch places with

               You got me workin', workin' day and night		Sherry and
               Shane.  All exit after

               You got me workin', workin' day and night		Chorus.

               You say that workin'				Rhonda & Janet dance.

               Is what a man's supposed to do

               And I say it ain't right if I can't give sweet love to you


               I'm tired of thinkin'

               Of what my life's supposed to be (well)

               Soon enough darlin'

               This love will be reality (ah ah)

               How can you live girl				Ameer & Deidre enter.  Ameer

               'Cause love for us was meant to be (well)		Deidre shoes.

               Then you must be seein'

               Some other guy instead of me (ooh)

               (That's why)					Ameer & Deidre exit.

               You got me workin' day and night

               And I'll be workin'

               From sun up to midnight

               You got me workin', workin' day and night 		Susan goes
               grocery shopping.

               (hold on)					Jennifer & Philip switch with

               You got me workin', workin' day and night		Rhonda & Janet

               (I'm so tired, tired, tired now)

               You got me workin', workin' day and night

               (hold on)

               You got me workin', workin' day and night

               (hoo, hoo, hoo)					All exit.

               INSTRUMENTAL				Jennifer dances.

               Hands part follows.

               When that is done, Ameer & Deidre

               enter, Ameer looks her over a final time.

               Ameer and Deidre exit, so that Jennifer

               is left alone with Philip for "oh, oh, oh"

               You say that workin'				Everybody enters:  the 3
               dance couples take

               Is what a man's supposed to do			places, the 2 married
               couples set up for

               And I say it ain't right				dinner.

               If I can't give sweet love to you (well, ah)

               How can you live girl

               'Cause love for us was meant to be (well, ah)

               You must be seein' (woo)

               Some other guy instead of me (ooh)

               (That's why)

               You got workin' day and night (I don't understand it)

               And I'll be workin'

               From sun up to midnight

               You got me workin', workin' day and night ....

               You got me workin', workin' day and night ....

               You got me workin', workin' day and night ....

               You got me workin', workin' day and night ....

               INSTUMENTAL					Another "hands" section with all


               Lyrics continue and music fades out.

               Scene 14:  The Couples Eat Dinner and Jennifer and Philip

               A.Katherine and Mike

               Katherine	Do you have any idea how disgusted I am by you? 
               Do you?

               Mike		I do.

               Katherine	Do you really?

               Mike		I do.

               Katherine	No, you don't.

               Mike		Yes, I do.

               Katherine	Really?

               Mike		I'm sorry.

               Katherine	Are you really?

               Mike		Yes, I really am.

               Katherine	After everything that we've talked about.

               Mike		I know.

               Katherine	You promised me.

               Mike		I know.

               Katherine	You swore you'd never go back to those places.

               Mike		I'm sorry.  I slipped.

               Katherine	You slipped? You slipped.  Is that how you see
               it, Mike?  A slip.  Really, is that how you see it?  You are
               destroying this marriage.  You are tearing a hole inside of
               me.  You are humiliating me in front of all of our friends. 
               And you have the nerve to sit here at this table and look me
               in the eyes and describe what you're doing to me as a "slip".

               B. Susan and Bradley

               Susan		What do you tell him when he tells you about
               going to those places?

               Katherine	Fuck you, Mike.

               Bradley	What do you mean "what do I tell him"?

               Susan		Don't you tell him how disgusting he is?

               Mike		Katherine.

               Katherine	No, fuck you.

               Bradley	That's not my job.

               Susan		But what do you tell him?

               Bradley	I don't tell him anything.

               Susan		You don't tell him that he's a pig?

               Bradley	No, I never told him that.

               Susan		Well he is, you know.

               Bradley	Katherine and Mike just got married way too young.

               Susan		They're the same age we are.

               Bradley	Well, you know.

               Susan		How's the salmon?

               Bradley	Excellent.

               Susan		Really?

               Bradley	No, I'm lying.

               C.The Customer Couples

               Philip		I hope this doesn't bother you, but I've been
               with hundreds of women.

               Jennifer	Hundreds, really? Now would that be like two hundred
               or like nine hundred?

               Philip		Baby, I lost count.  But I'm telling you, and I
               am not drunk right now and I

               am not on drugs.

               Shane		 And I want you to believe me when I tell you

               Sherry		What?

               Rhonda	No, seriously, I'm gonna tell you something and you
               have to believe me.

               Janet		What?

               Philip		Will you believe me?

               Jennifer	What Philip?

               Shane		I want you to trust me because I'm gonna be
               really honest with you right now.  Out of all the women I've
               been with my entire life, you are by far the most amazing.

               Rhonda	The most beautiful.

               Philip		The most perfect.

               D.Katherine and Mike

               Katherine	The lies, Mike, they never end.  It's like you'll
               say anything.  You try to figure out what I want to hear and
               you repeat it over and over and you convince me you're
               something that you're not.  And after awhile I begin to
               believe you.  I wake up in the morning, I make you breakfast,
               you kiss me goodbye, you head off to work, and I think this
               is working, this feels right, this is what marriage is.  I
               feel safe, I feel secure and I start to trust you again.  And
               then I start the laundry and I empty out your pockets and I
               find a gold token with a picture of two people fucking on the
               back and I picture you creeping into those places on 8th
               Avenue.  I've been by them, Mike, I know what they look like. 
               I saw one the night we took your parents to see Phantom of
               the Opera.  We were standing on 44th and 8th, trying to hail
               a cab, and I looked across the street and I saw one.  There
               was a big sign flashing, "Live Girls!  Live Girls!  Twenty
               five cents."  And I saw the men slinking in and out and I
               thought, "Do all their wives know?"  Am I the only woman
               whose husband sneaks off to those places?"  Do other women
               find gold tokens in their husbands' laundry?  They must,

               Mike		I don't know.

               E.Susan and Bradley

               Susan		You know I'd kill you, right?

               Bradley	What?

               Susan		If I found one of those.

               Bradley	One of those what?

               Susan		One of those gold token things.

               F.Katherine and Mike

               Katherine	When I was holding that token this morning
               picturing you doing God knows what with God knows who...  You
               just make me feel so alone.

               G.Susan and Bradley

               Susan		Oh my god I almost forgot.  Linda's having
               another party on Friday.

               Bradley	Another one?

               Susan		Don't act like that.

               H.Shane and Sherry

               Shane		Do you like to party?

               Sherry		We're partying now.

               Shane		You know what I mean.

               Sherry		No, I don't.

               Shane		Yes you do.

               Sherry		You mean party.

               Shane		I mean party, party.

               Sherry		I'm not that kind of girl.

               Shane		I don't believe you.

               Sherry		Honey, you're scaring me.

               Shane		No, seriously, you ever do drugs?

               Sherry		Sometimes I do, yes.

               Shane		You do, don't you?

               Sherry		Sometimes.

               Shane		How often?

               Sherry		Too often.

               Shane		Oh baby.  I'd like to get high with you.  That'd
               be cool, huh?  Would you like to get high with me?

               Sherry		What are you talking about?

               Shane		Whatever turns you on.

               I.Janet and Rhonda

               Rhonda	You turn me on.

               Janet		Do I really?

               Rhonda	Janet, you really do.

               Janet		I was thinking about you last night.

               Rhonda	What were you thinking?

               Janet		My wife and I were getting dressed, we were going
               to a party with some

               friends.  She put on this beautiful dress.  The top was
               sequin and the bottom part was this really light, thin

               Rhonda	What color?

               Janet		Salmon.

               Rhonda	I love salmon.

               Janet		I couldn't stop thinking about you.  I wanted to
               put it on and go to the party with you instead.  I can't take
               it anymore, I hate her.

               Rhonda	I know you do.

               Janet		When are we gonna be together?

               Rhonda	It's in your hands, Janet.

               Janet		I can't divorce her.  She'd get half of

               J.Susan and Bradley

               Susan		Oh and your mom called.  She got tickets for
               Ragtime  on the 14th.

               Bradley	What's that?

               Susan		It's a Broadway show.

               Bradley	Is it long?

               Susan		It's a Broadway show, Bradley.

               Bradley	But is it one of those long ones?

               Susan		It's Rosie O'Donnell's favorite show.

               Bradley	Who's that?

               Susan		She has that talk show.  Oh my god, Bradley,
               where the hell have you been?

               Bradley	I work during the day.

               K.Katherine and Mike

               Katherine	I watch talk shows, Mike.  I know the world is
               full of disgusting men who cheat on their wives, but it
               doesn't make it any easier and it doesn't make me hate you
               any less.

               L.Shane and Sherry

               Shane		So, what are you doing for lunch?

               Sherry		Are you making me an offer?

               Shane		Are you available?

               Sherry		Where would we go?

               Shane		Meet me out front at one o'clock.

               M.Janet and Rhonda

               Janet		I thought more about our house.

               Rhonda	What did you think?

               Janet		I picked a color.

               Rhonda	What color?

               Janet		Yellow.

               Rhonda	I love yellow.

               Janet		You do?

               Rhonda	Janet, that's my favorite color.

               Janet		You never told me that.

               Rhonda	I'd like to see you in a yellow dress.

               Janet		I look good in yellow.

               Rhonda	Are you coming in next Tuesday?

               Janet		I'm planning on it.

               Rhonda	Then next Tuesday I wanna see you in a yellow dress.

               Janet		Would you like that?

               Rhonda	I would like that very much.

               N.Jennifer and Philip

               Philip		You're definately the kind of woman I could
               settle down and have babies with.

               Jennifer	Philip.

               Philip		We could get a big house in Connecticut and raise
               four kids.  Would you like that?

               Jennifer	Philip, honey, I don't even know you.

               Philip		But don't you feel like we've known each other
               our whole lives?  Don't you think we have a connection?  Do
               you feel that?  Do you?

               Jennifer	I do.

               Philip		Do you really?

               Jennifer	I really do.

               O.Katherine and Mike

               Katherine	I honestly feel like I don't even know you.

               Mike		You know me.

               Katherine	Do I?

               Mike		Yes.

               Katherine	Do I really?

               Mike		Yes.

               Katherine	Then tell me, tell me honestly, why do you go

               P.Shane and Sherry

               Shane		When I woke up this morning, I said to myself, "I
               want to get high with a beautiful lady."  And now, here you
               are.  It's kind of magical, huh?

               Q.Katherine and Mike

               Katherine	You don't even know why you do what you do? 
               You're like a child who insists on sticking your finger in
               the light socket even when you know you'll be electrocuted.

               Mike		Katherine.

               Katherine	What?

               Mike		I am really, really sorry.

               Katherine	That's nice.

               Scene 15:  Deidre and Shane, Her First Customer

               (Deidre is in booth 2.  She puts on some lipstick, Shane
               enters booth.  In the scene, "(money)" indicates the times
               when Shane gives Deidre more money.)

               Shane		You know you're really pretty.

               Deidre		Thank you. (money)

               Shane		People tell you that all the time, don't they?

               Deidre		What?

               Shane		How pretty you are.  I'd like to kiss you.  You
               have beautiful lips.  Do you like to kiss?  Do you?

               Deidre		Yeah.  (money)

               Shane		Would you like to kiss me?  Would you?  Say it.

               Deidre		Say what?

               Shane		"I want you to kiss me."

               Deidre		You want me to say that?

               Shane		Yeah, say, "I want you to kiss me."

               Deidre		I want you to kiss me.

               Shane		Say it softer.

               Deidre		I want you to kiss me. (money)

               Shane		I bet you got a tight pussy.  Do you?  (Deidre
               nods "Yes.")  Do you really?  (She nods "Yes.")  Don't lie to
               me you fucking whore.  Are you lying?  (She shakes her head
               "No."  money)  So, what's your real name?

               Deidre		Deidre.

               Shane		No, your real name.

               Deidre		It's Deidre.

               Shane		Nobody uses their real name here.  Tell me your
               real name.

               Deidre		Jessica. (money)

               Shane		So where are you from?

               Deidre		Oklahoma.

               Shane		The city or the state?

               Deidre		The city.

               Shane		You're from Oklahoma City?

               Deidre		Yeah.

               Shane		No, you're not.

               Deidre		I really am.

               Shane		Tell me where you're really from.

               Deidre		I did.

               Shane		Do you want more of this? (He waves the money.) 
               Then you tell me where you're really from.

               Deidre		Minneapolis. (money)

               Shane		God, I wanna fuck you.  Would you let me fuck
               you?  Really? (money)  Open your mouth.  Wider.  Come here. 
               Closer.  (money)  All the way on the glass.  Stick your
               tongue out.  I think I'm in love with you.

               At end of scene, Booth 2 turns back around and Booth 1 turns
               open to audience to reveal Janet masturbating under his
               dress.  He cums and booth revolves back around.

               Scene 16:  Katherine and Mike Reconcile

               (Katherine enters -actually at end of previous scene- with a
               cup of coffee, looks at the audience and drinks her coffee.)

               Katherine	You know when I was younger I use to fantasize. 
               I use to fantasize about growing up and getting married.  I
               had my wedding all planned out.  I would sit in church and
               picture the whole thing.  I knew exactly how my dress would
               be:  pure white with pearls, a veil and a really long train. 
               I was so jealous when Princess Diana got married because I
               didn't know a wedding dress could be that big.  I use to
               stare at my parents wedding picures for hours.  I thought my
               parents were perfect.  So many of my girlfriends complain
               about their childhoods, but mine was great.  I grew up in
               this really loving home.  My parents were incredibly popular,
               everyone loved them and they loved each other.  Everytime
               they parted, they hugged and kissed and said, "I love you." 
               They were so affectionate.  I couldn't wait to grow up and
               have everything they had.

               When I first met Mike it was great.  I was so in love.  He
               was everything I thought I wanted.  He was intelligent, he
               was honest, he'd always bring me flowers.  He was so cute. 
               He has this really great butt.  You can't really see it
               because he always wears suits  but it's cute.  I can't really
               describe it, but it's like... (she tries to show it with her
               hands but gives up)   It's just really good.  And whenever we
               went out it was really fun because people would always say,
               "Katherine, he's so cute.  Katherine, where did you find
               him?"     And now... he brings me flowers and I want to throw
               up.  He kisses me and I wonder who else has he kissed today. 
               He walks in the door says, "Honey, I'm home."  And I think,
               "Lucky me."

               I'm sorry, am I depressing you?  I don't mean to, really.  I
               use to have a sense of humor.  I swear I really did.  In the
               seventh grade I was actually voted class clown.  God that
               seems so long ago.  How did this happen?   What kind of a man
               goes to a place like that?  (Mike enters.)  Why do you go
               there?  Tell me.  I wanna know.  I can handle it, really. 
               Tell me, why do you go there?  Are you bored with me?  Am I
               no longer attractive to you?  Is it because I won't put my
               mouth on it?  Is that it?  I need to know.  I really, I want
               to know.  I don't want to live a lie here.  Tell me, why do
               you go there?

               Mike		I don't know.

               Katherine	Try to figure it out.  Just try.

               Mike		I don't know.

               Katherine	Just try.

               Mike		I've tried to figure it out, Katherine, I really
               have.  I think about it all the time.  It doesn't make sense
               to me.  Sometimes I go when I'm really depressed and
               sometimes I go when I'm excited about something and sometimes
               I go when I feel really lonely, but other times I go when I'm
               perfectly content and everything's great with us.  I can't
               tell you why I go.  I worry I'm addicted or something.  I
               don't want to go, but I keep going.  Like last time when
               everything blew up between us and I said I wouldn't go back,
               I really meant it.  But last week I was on my way to Penn
               Station and I walked by and I just stopped and looked in the
               window.  And I said to myself, "Don't go in there."  But then
               five minutes later I was inside and afterwards I felt
               disgusted with myself.I really did.

               Katherine	Do you really want to stop going?

               Mike		Katherine, I'm in love with you.

               Katherine	Still?

               Mike		Yes.

               Katherine	Are you really?

               Mike		Yes.

               Katherine	Why?

               Mike		Why what?

               Katherine	Why are you in love with me?

               Mike		Because you're perfect.  Because you're funny and
               you're smart and you're beautiful?

               Katherine	But, I'm not enough.

               Mike		You are enough.

               Katherine	You're not bored with me?

               Mike		No, I love you.  I have a problem.  It's not about
               you, it's about me.  (They begin to kiss.  It becomes more
               passionate.  When they are done.)  Listen to me.  Are you
               listening?  I will not go back, I promise.

               Scene 17:  Sex I'm A

               The window/pole set piece appears on-stage with Jennifer
               posed on it.  Throughout the song, windows open and shut. 
               Money is constantly being exchanged.  The women get lots of
               money, stick it in their g-strings. 
               They get felt up by the men.  When the windows close, the
               women wipe themselves off with wet wipes.  The men's faces
               and hands reaching through are the only thing we see of the
               men. When Jennifer is finished, Sherry does her thing,
               followed by Rhonda, and finally Rhonda and Jennifer.

               Scene 18:  Jennifer's Monologue

               (As Sex I'm A is ending, Jennifer will step off the platform
               and count her money.)

               Jennifer	When I was younger and I first started to have sex
               with guys, I just assumed that if I ever got pregnant I'd
               have an abortion.  My best friend, Lisa, had had three
               abortions and she made it seem like it was no big deal.  I
               never grew up wanting to have kids.  Like some girls in our
               neighborhood were always volunteering to baby-sit and I would
               never do that.  I was a bit of a wild child, I guess.  I was
               really into Stevie Nicks and I used to dream about dressing
               like that and hitchhiking across the country.

               But when I got pregnant at fourteen everything changed.  And
               it really was ... (she breaks down a little bit)  I'm sorry,
               I don't talk about this that often.  But anyway, the day I
               got pregnant really was the greatest day of my life.  I knew
               that I would have this baby and that we would build a life
               together.  I just knew it.  I did not for one second consider
               having an abortion.  It was not even an option.  And I kept
               saying to myself over and over all day, "I'm gonna have a
               baby. I'm gonna have a baby."  I was so excited.  I didn't
               want to tell my parents because I knew we would end up in
               some big screaming match, even though I knew there was
               nothing to argue about because I was definitely pregnant and
               I was definitely having the baby and I was definitely ready
               to accept my responsibilities as a mother.

               And I would love to explain to you why my life changed in one
               day, but I can't.  My wild streak was gone and I jumped feet
               forward into the wonderful world of motherhood and nine
               months later I had a baby son.  I always say that first day I
               found out I was pregnant was the greatest day of my life, but
               it wasn't.  It was actually the second greatest day of my
               life.  The greatest day was the day Eric was born.  He was
               born 6lbs.4ounces with a full head of brown hair and big blue
               eyes.  People ask me if he looks like his father, and I get
               so embarrassed because I have no idea.  He'll be eight years
               old next month.  And he really is the sweetest kid.

               So how did I end up here.  How does a fourteen year old
               pregnant girl from Lincoln, Nebraska, end up working at
               Playland on 8th Avenue?  Well first of all, I have to tell
               you that this did not happen over night.  I didn't just wake
               up one morning and start working at peep shows. 
               Somewhere very early on, and I'm not sure who taught me this
               maybe it was all those Stevie Nicks albums, but I learned at
               a very early age that for a woman in this country or in the
               world I guess for that matter you have to have a talent, you
               have to be special to actually go somewhere.  Men don't. 
               They just have to show up.  But we're different, we have to
               prove ourselves or be satisfied with less.  So I looked
               around for women to model my life on:  single women,
               successful women, happy women who were raising children on
               their own.  And I couldn't find any.  This was before Murphy
               Brown.  The women I knew who were single with children were
               on welfare and miserable.  And I didn't want that for myself. 
               I've always been very attractive.  People have always wanted
               to have sex with me.  I guess I could have gone to college
               and studied something, but I just didn't know what.  And so
               here I am eight years later making a very good living and
               providing for my child.

               It was weird at first.  I got a job working in this peep show
               in Omaha.  My girlfriend, Lisa, had moved there a year
               earlier with her boyfriend, but it hadn't worked out.  And my
               parents were so repulsed by the fact that I was pregnant that
               we all decided it would be best if I went to Omaha and stayed
               with Lisa.  For the first six months I was in Omaha, I was on
               public assistance and I hated it.  I got food stamps and it
               absolutely was humiliating.  And we met a girl and she told
               us about the peep show she worked in and she told us how much
               money she made working there.  It was an obscene amount, at
               least to me.  And I became so angry.  It was just so enraging
               to me that a woman who is half as pretty as me, half as
               intelligent, with no family to support was making that kind
               of money and Eric and I are barely getting by on welfare and
               I have to put up with people pointing fingers at me and
               judging me every time I stand in line at the grocery store
               and try to use my food stamps.

               I don't know if any of you have ever had to use food stamps
               before, but it is a completely humiliating experience.  The
               minute you take them out, people think they know every
               fucking thing about you.  It slows up the line, people get
               angry, the checkout girls don't know what to do with them,
               they call the manager over, they tell you, "you can't buy
               these, you can buy that, you can only have one of those, not
               two."  It's fucking humiliating.  If any of you learn
               anything new tonight, let it be that using food stamps is the
               most humiliating thing in the whole fucking world.  I bet a
               lot of you would consider it humiliating to have to work in a
               place like this, but this is nothing.  I'm telling you food
               stamps, that's humiliation.  Anyway, enough about food

               So I went down to the peep show, the Palace.  That was the
               name, The Palace. 
               I did an interview and I got a job and I made more money in
               one week than the government gave me in two months.  I
               stopped taking money from my parents.  I threw away my food
               stamps.  And I was free and it felt so good.  In the
               beginning, I was only comfortable working in the booths where
               there's glass between you and the customer.  I wasn't crazy
               about being touched by strangers.  Because now that I had a
               son, I knew I had to stay healthy and the whole idea of
               letting some strange man shove his fingers inside me for
               twenty bucks was really not that appealing.  But I still made
               great money and I never had to touch them.  And I guess it's
               like this with every business, I don't know I've only been in
               this one, but once you get in, it's very hard to get out
               because I became very good at my job.  And the better I got,
               the more money I made.  And I experienced career advancement. 
               I started to have regulars.  People would call in and say,
               "Is Cindy working today?"  That was the name I used then
               because I ..., I don't know why actually.

               But eventually I grew tired of "Cindy", and that's when I
               became "Jennifer."  I thought about changing my name to
               "Stevie," like Stevie Nicks, but later on I read in a tabloid
               that she shot cocaine up her butt and that really turned me
               off.  So, I decided on "Jennifer."  Some girls pick these
               really ridiculous names like "Sapphire" or "Diamond," you
               know those jewel names, "Ruby."  But I wanted something more
               real, more human.  Also I noticed that those girls with the
               diamond names tend to burn out much faster than the
               "Jennifers" or the "Marias."  Don't ask me why.

               Anyway, when you work in the strip clubs and the peep shows,
               there's like a circuit.  You hear about clubs from other
               girls passing through town.  You have a falling out with the
               boss.  If you're good or if you're reliable and other places
               hear about you the managers might come and try to lure you
               away, especially if you're reliable.  A lot of the girls
               here, and you did not hear this from me, a lotta girls that
               work in this business are really flakey.  A lot of the girls
               are on drugs.  I don't do 'em, I never have.  And I'm not
               standing up here trying to be the Peep Show Spokeswoman, but
               a lot of the girls are really fucked up.  That's why the
               managers like me, because I always come in when I say I'll
               come in and I do my job and then go home.  I try to be very
               professional.  Don't get me wrong, a lot of the girls are
               professional, but a lot of them are really fucked up, too. 
               	Anyway, a lot of the people all know each other:  the
               owners, the managers, the dancers.  It's all kind of
               connected.  And that's how I ended up in New York.  I worked
               my way up the corporate ladder and here I am, The Big Apple. 
               The bigger the city, the more money you make.

               Sometimes my friends say, "You're funny, you're intelligent,
               you could get a real job."  But I don't want a "real" job. 
               I don't want to work for $500 a week and watch the government
               take a third of it.  Please! Some weeks I walk out of here
               with 1000 bucks.  And that's cash.  No taxes.  It's mine. 
               Some weeks it's slow, but in an office what am I gonna make
               answering phones and filing papers.  It's all about money,
               period.    Don't let people kid you, it's not about anything
               else, it's only about money.

               If I won the lottery tomorrow, I'd never come back here. 
               Some women like to work cause they like to get out of the
               house, but I've never been like that.  I love being with
               Eric, I love watching him grow up.  He's very intelligent,
               everybody says that, they really do.  I just love him, and I
               want to be with him all the time.  But until I win the
               lottery, or I get a million dollar tip from some crazy
               customer, or until I find a simpler job that pays just as
               well, I'll be here.  So come up and see me sometime.  I've
               always wanted to say that.  (Jennifer walks straight upstage
               to where Mike is sitting.)

               Scene 19:  The Beautiful Ones

               During this song, a montage of visuals occur all over the
               stage.  Jennifer lap dances with Mike, Sherry shoots up,
               Katherine drinks coffee, Rhonda is with Deidre fixing her
               hair and makeup. (Length of song:  5:15)

               Beautiful Ones Lyrics:

               Opening Music					1. Jennifer stands facing

               Mike enters thru B2

               Jennifer turns to face Mike

               Jennifer walks back towards Mike

               Jennifer begins lap dance

               Baby, baby, baby					5. Bradley & Susan dance from
               SL to SR

               what's it gonna be?

               baby, baby, baby

               is it him or is it me?

               Bradley	Do you know how sexy you are?

               Susan		Oh, Bradley.

               Bradley	No, you really are.

               Susan		Bradley, you're embarrassing me.

               Bradley	You're just so damn sexy, do you know that?

               Susan		Okay, that's enough.

               Bradley	You're just so incredible.  I look at you and I can't
               believe how lucky I am.

               Susan		Are you trying to embarrass me?

               Bradley	It's not my fault you drive me crazy.

               don't make me waste my time			6. B3 turns around,
               Deidre is there

               don't make me lose my mind baby			    counting her money

               Baby, baby, baby					7. Bradley & Sherry dance
               from SR to SL

               can't you stay with me tonight

               oh baby, baby, baby

               don't my kisses please you right?

               Bradley	Do you know how sexy you are?

               Sherry		Oh, honey.

               Bradley	No, you really are.

               Sherry		Honey, you're embarrassing me.

               Bradley	You're just so damn sexy, do you know that?

               Sherry		Okay, that's enough.

               Bradley	You're just so incredible.  I look at you and I can't
               believe how lucky I am.

               Sherry		Are you trying to embarrass me?

               Bradley	It's not my fault you drive me crazy.

               You were so hard to find				8. B1 turns around, Janet
               as maid is

               the beautiful ones, they hurt you everytime		    
               cleaning Rhonda's booth

               Paint a perfect picture				9. Sherry and Shane enter
               and shoot up

               bring to life a vision in one's mind

               the beautiful ones

               always smash the picture

               always everytime

               Music						10. Rhonda enters DSR and lights

               B3 turns around, Deidre is doing her							     

               If I told you baby					11. Ameer and Philip, with
               bouquet, enter

               that I was in love with you			       and meet at
               center, they exchange

               oh baby, baby, baby				       money and tokens

               it we got married

               wouldn't that be great?				       Ameer and Philip

               Philip		Is Jennifer in today?

               Ameer		Oh, she's with a customer right now.  She's doing
               a private show.

               Philip		How long?

               Ameer		I don't know.

               Philip		Maybe I'll come back.

               Ameer		Hold on, hold on.  We got new girl, Deidre.  Very
               beautiful, very young.

               Philip		How young?

               Ameer		Really young, she's a student.  Maybe you could
               teach her a few things.

               Philip		Where is she?

               Ameer		Booth #3.

               Philip		She's available?

               Ameer		She's waiting for you.

               You make me so confused				12. Final look at Sherry
               and Shane

               the beautiful ones					13. Final look at Rhonda

               you always seem to lose.				14. Rhonda, Sherry and
               Shane exit

               Janet, dressed in suit, exits B1

               while Philip enters B3 and red light

               comes on B3

               Baby, ... Baby, ... Baby			         14.5. Jennifer and
               Mike begin to exit.

               what's it's gonna be baby?				15. Katherine crosses
               SR to SL

               do you want him					       As Mike is about to close
               the booth

               or do you want me				       door, he sees Katherine
               for a moment.

               cause I want you					       Door shuts and music

               I want you

               tell me baby,

               do you want me

               I gotta know, I gotta know

               do you want me

               Baby, baby, baby listen to me

               I may not know ...

               Scene 19a:  Sherry and Shane

               Shane		How are you doing?  You feel good?  (she nods
               "yes")  Can you feel it?  (she nods "yes")  It's nice, huh? 
               (she nods "yes")  What are you doing tonight?

               Sherry		When?

               Shane		Tonight, after work.

               Sherry		Oh my god.
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