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               RONNIE LARSEN'S

               PEEP SHOW

               BY:  RONNIE LARSEN

               (JANUARY 1998)

                                   CAST LIST
                         Ameer	The Peep Show Manager

               Rhonda	The Old Timer dancer

               Jennifer	The Dancer with a Child

               Sherry	The Dancer on Heroin

               Deidre	The New Girl

               Mike		Man who gets caught with tokens

               Katherine	Mike's Wife

               Bradley	Mike's friend and confidant

               Susan		Bradley's Wife

               Philip		Jennifer's regular

               Janet		Rhonda's regular

               Shane		Deidre's first customer

                                   SCENE LIST
                         Scene 1:    100% Pure Love

               Scene 2:    First Customers for the Day

               Scene 3:    Strobe Light

               Scene 4:    Deidre Asks for an Interview

               Scene 5:    Backstage with the Women

               Scene 6:    Katherine and Mike on the Phone

               Scene 7:    Jennifer Calls her Son and Baby-sitter

               Scene 7a:   Ameer and Sherry

               Scene 8:    Mike and Bradley Talk

               Scene 9:    Susan and Katherine Talk and Their Husbands Come

               Scene 10:  White Wedding

               Scene 11:  Whatta Man

               Scene 12:  Ameer Interviews Deidre

               Scene 13:  The Lap Dances:  Working Day and Night

               Scene 14:  The Couple Eat Dinner and Jennifer and Philip Talk

               Scene 15:  Deidre and Shane, Her First Customer

               Scene 16:  Katherine and Mike Reconcile

               Scene 17:  Sex I'm A

               Scene 18:  Jennifer's Monologue

               Scene 19:  The Beautiful Ones

               Scene 20:  Rhonda's Banana Mono. and Women Talk About Work

               Scene 21:  The Runway

               Scene 22:  Women after and Ameer Fires Sherry

               Scene 23:  Katherine and Susan

               Scene 24:  Mike and Bradley in Line for Tokens

               Scene 25:  Sherry Leaves

               Scene 26:  The Peep Show is Closing

               Scene 27:  All By Myself

               In the set pre-set, there should be 3 heart stools and the 3
               booths are facing straight out with red sides facing forward. 
               The "CLOSED" sign should be lit. There is no pre-show music.

               When show begins, lights do not change.  Ameer comes on-stage
               with a bucket (white, like the Times Square drummers play)
               and removes the tokens out of each booth.  Hundreds of tokens
               should drop from each booth.  Ameer then goes and gets a
               wheeling mop/bucket and mops out all of the booths.  When he
               is mopping booth 1, Rhonda enters and they have an exchange.

               Rhonda	Hey, baby..

               Ameer		Hey, Rhonda.

               Ameer moves to booth 2 and Sherry enters, they share a

               Sherry		Hi.

               Ameer		Oh my god, you show up today.  Amazing you show

               Sherry	             I wasn't feeling well.

               Ameer		You are fucked up.

               Sherry		Oh don't start with me. I'm here aren't I?

               Ameer		You piss me off so much.

               Sherry		I was sick.

               Ameer		Really?

               Sherry		Yes, I was sick.  You want me to come in when I'm

               Ameer		I want you to come in when you say you'll come

               Sherry		Ameer, goddammit, I'm sorry.

               Ameer		Yeah, well.

               Sherry		Jesus Christ, I said I'm sorry.  I don't know
               what your fucking problem is.

               Ameer		So you'll stay all day?

               Sherry		As long as you want.

               Ameer		You'll be in the booth til 3:30?

               Sherry		That's fine.

               Ameer		You'll be on the runway at 4:00?

               Sherry		That's fine.

               Ameer		You'll stay till closing?

               Sherry		Yes, I'll be in the booth till 3:30.  Yes, I'll
               be on the runway at 4:00.  Yes, I'll stay till closing and,
               yes, I'll be back tomorrow.  What else do you want from me?

               Ameer		You get off drugs?

               Sherry		Oh, fuck off.

               When he gets to booth 3, Jennifer enters and the pleasantries

               Ameer		Hey baby.

               Jennifer	Hi, Ameer.  Oh, Ameer, can I come in at 11:00
               tomorrow, I have to take Eric to the doctor?

               Ameer		Anything for you and Eric.

               Jennifer	Thank you.

               Ameer		You look nice today.

               When he is finished and the booth doors are closed, Ameer
               walks downstage to the side of the proscenium that has the
               word "CLOSED" on it, reaches behind the wall, flips the
               switch off, then goes to the "OPEN" sign it flips it on. 
               Music cue.

               Scene 1:  100% Pure Love

               The minute the "OPEN" sign goes on music starts and the Peep
               Show comes to life and the lights begin to flash.  Very early
               in the music the women (Rhonda-SR-, Sherry -CS- and Jennifer 
               SL-) step through the doors dressed in very layered clothing,
               like for the dead of winter in Russia.  During the song, the
               women change from these dead off the cold, bitter streets
               costumes into the sexily clad, made-up women of the Peep
               Show.  Their expressions, as well the lights, should be very
               subdued with slight, but timed, changes.

               Rhonda	Oh God.

               Jennifer	What's wrong Rhonda?

               Rhonda	I don't think I want to be here today.

               Jennifer	You say that every time.

               Rhonda	Yeah, but today it's true.

               Sherry		Where would you go Rhonda, the weather's shit?

               Rhonda	It is, isn't it?

               Sherry		I hate the snow.

               Jennifer	You don't think it's pretty?

               Rhonda	I think you're pretty, Jennifer.

               Sherry		Oh stop it.

               Rhonda	Don't be jealous.

               Jennifer	I told you, Rhonda, if I were gay you'd be the one
               I'd settle down with.

               Rhonda	Except I hate kids.

               Jennifer	You like Eric.

               Rhonda	I'd be the worst parent.

               Sherry		No, I would be the worst parent.

               Rhonda	So how is he?

               Jennifer	He's still sick.

               Rhonda	Oh poor thing.

               Sherry		Did you give him the Drixorel?

               Jennifer	You cannot give Drixorel to little kids.  I told you

               Rhonda	So what are you giving him?

               Jennifer	Chicken soup.

               Sherry		Ooh, that sounds good right now.

               Rhonda	Didn't you eat breakfast?

               Sherry		I woke up too late.

               Jennifer	What time did you go to bed last night?

               Sherry		You don't wanna know.

               Rhonda	You gotta get more sleep, girl.

               Sherry		I know, I know.

               Jennifer	No you don't, that's the problem.

               Sherry		Please, I'm fine.

               Rhonda	You don't eat, you don't sleep.

               Sherry		I'm fine.

               Jennifer	We just worry about you.

               Sherry		That's sweet, but you don't need to, really.

               Jennifer	Well we do.

               After they finish getting dressed, they exit to their booths
               and pop into their windows.  As they exit, Ameer moves his
               stand to the DL position directly facing the house center
               aisle. The mood should remain desolate, while the women wait
               for customers.  When everyone is in place, the first
               customers (Bradley and Mike) of the day enter.

               Scene 2:  First Customers for the Day

               (All of the guys will enter straight up to Ameer's stand.
               During this scene, Ameer in no way attempts to be friendly to
               the customers.  He rarely says one word to them, almost
               treating them with disdain.)

               Bradley	Can I get four dollars worth please?

               Ameer		Do you have anything smaller?

               Bradley	No, sorry.

               Ameer		Hold on.  (Ameer exits.)

               Mike		You know, I'm gonna hate myself in about ten minutes.

               Bradley	Oh, Mike, grow up.

               Mike		You never feel bad afterwards?

               Bradley	Never.

               Mike		Never?

               Bradley	What did I say, Mike?  Grow up.  You think I could
               ever get Susan to put on a g-string?  Fuck me, please!  She
               doesn't even like to suck my dick.  (Ameer comes back. He
               gives Bradley change and Bradley exits.)

               Mike		Can I get 3 please?  (Ameer hands over the tokens.)

               Philip		(Philip enters with bouquet of flowers.)   Is
               Jennifer in today?  (Ameer nods "yes." They exchange money
               for tokens.)

               Ameer		Tokens!  Tokens!  (Then, whichever is more
               theatrically dynamic, we see either token drop and light on
               Door 1, 2, 3 in sequence or all at the same time.  Either
               way, on the last light or lights to go on, the music begins
               and the booths start rotating.)

               Scene 3:  Strobe Light

               The booths turns around and the men and women begin to lip
               synch to the music, gyrating and whatnot between the
               dialogue.  When the instrumental section begins, the booths
               should start rotating and when the actors are visible to the
               audience, different images should be seen.  (Bradley ...,
               Mike gets undressed all through song until his pants are at
               his knees with his boxers on and his shirt and coat are open,
               Philip stays in his street clothes staring while Jennifer
               performs.)  In essence, the booths should "dance" with the
               music.  Midway through the song, Bradley and Philip exit and
               Janet and Shane take their places respectively.  When the
               dialogue continues, the actors should resume lip-synching
               until the end.  As the music comes to a close, the men should
               exit the booth and the stage.  The Curtain closes.  Note: 
               lyrics in italics indicates lip-synched dialogue. (Length of
               song:  3:59.)

               Strobe Light Lyrics:

               b:	Where's my telephone?

               b:	Is that you baby?

               g:	Yeah.

               b:	Got something to tell you.

               g:	Oh, what.

               b:	I wanna see you tonight.

               I want you to walk in the door.

               I want you to lay on the floor.

               Cause tonight's the night we

               g:	Strobe light

               b:	make love under the

               g&b:	a strobe light

               b:	underneath the strobe light

                         g:	Want to make love to you under
                         the strobe light. Want to make love
                         to you under the strobe light.
                         Strobe light (whoa) Strobe light
                         (whoa) Yeah! INSTRUMENTAL:  Sherry
                         and Mike Scene

               Mike		Oh my god.

               Sherry		You okay, honey?

               Mike		I'm gonna have a heartattack.

               Sherry		Did you cum?

               Mike		Not yet.

               Sherry		You don't like me?

               Mike		No, I'm too excited that's the problem.

               Sherry		Well, there's no rush, honey.  I'm not going
               anywhere.  (he gives her money)

               Mike		Can I see your tits please?  (She shows 'em.  He
               gives her money.)

               Sherry		You like my tits?  (He nods "yes")  What else do
               you like?

               Mike		Everything.  Everything.

               Sherry		Oh my god, you're scaring me.

               Mike		Do you like to get it up the ass?

               Sherry		I love that.

               Mike		Oh my god!

               Sherry		Honey, you're a wild one.

               Mike		Are you wild?

               Sherry		Depends on what you consider wild.

               Mike		Have you ever been tied up?

               Sherry		A couple of times.

               Mike		Did you like it?

               Sherry		I loved it.

               Mike		What happened?

               Sherry		I got tied up.

               Mike		But how?

               Sherry		How what?

               Mike		How did you get tied up?

               Sherry		With rope.

               Mike		Oh my god!

               Sherry		And once with rubber.

               Mike		Oh my god!

               Sherry		Did you cum yet?

               Mike		Almost.

               Sherry		I got tied up once with pantyhose.

               Mike		No you didn't.

               Sherry		I really did.

               Mike		Really, with pantyhose?

               Sherry		Yeah, my own pantyhose.

               Mike		Did you like it?

               Sherry		I loved it.

               Mike		Would you let me tie you up?

               Sherry		Would you like that?

               Mike		I'm afriad I really would.

               Sherry		I'd let you tie me up.

               Mike		I've never tied anyone up before.

               Sherry		You don't tie your wife up?

               Mike		How did you know I was married?

               Sherry		You're wearing a wedding ring, honey.

               b:	Once the light goes to my head.			Booths turn

               Everything I see is red.				Shane and Janet have

               Baby when I kiss your hair.			Philip and Bradley

               I feel electricity in the air.

               Let me kiss your eye.

               Let me kiss your neck.

               Let me kiss your tummy.

               Let me kiss your pineapple.

               Tonight's the night for love under the light.

               g:	Strobe light.  Strobe light

               b:	Underneath the strobe light.

                                   REPEAT CHORUS
                         b:	I just wanna make love to you
                         			Men exit. g:	I just wanna
                         make love to you. b:	Underneath
                         the stobe light. g:	Strobe light.

               Strobe light.

               Strobe light.

               b:	Strobe, strobe, strobe ...				Deidre enters and
               crosses to Ameer.

               Scene 4:  Deidre Asks for an Interview

               (Deidre enters at end of previous song.  Ameer is reading his
               paper.  Dialogue begins immediately after last beat of

               Deidre		Excuse me, um, I was wondering if I could talk to
               the manager.

               Ameer		I'm the manager.

               Deidre		I saw the sign out front.  So I was like
               wondering if I could do an interview or something. Who do I
               talk to?

               Ameer  	You wanna dance?

               Deidre		Well I wanna find out about it.

               Ameer		Have you done it before?

               Deidre		No.

               Ameer		Have you ever been inside a place like this?

               Deidre		No.  Not really.

               Ameer		So why you wanna work here?

               Deidre		What do you mean?

               Ameer		I mean, you never been here, but you wanna work
               here, why?

               Deidre		I have a friend who does it.

               Ameer		She works here?

               Deidre		No, but she works in a place like this.

               Ameer		And she told you about it?

               Deidre		A little bit.

               Ameer		What'd she say?

               Deidre		She said you can make really good money.

               Ameer		You don't want to work at MacDonald's?  Ha, ha,

               Deidre		No, I don't want to work at MacDonald's.

               Ameer		Okay, you come back at 1:00 and we'll see what we
               can do.

               Deidre		So just come back at 1:00?

               Ameer		Yeah.

               Deidre		And you'll be here?

               Ameer		Yeah, I'll be here.

               Deidre		Okay I'll see you at 1:00.

               Ameer		What's your name?

               Deidre		Deidre.

               Ameer		Deidre?

               Deidre		Yeah, Deidre.

               Ameer		Okay, I'll see you at 1:00.

               Deidre		What's your name?

               Ameer		Ameer.

               Deidre		Ameer?

               Ameer		You got it, Ameer. (Silver Curtain opens to
               reveal the women backstage.)

               Scene 5:  Backstage with the Women

               (The women are still in their booth windows.)

               Rhonda	Ameer was complaining about you all day yesterday.

               Sherry		What did he say?

               Rhonda	He was just pissed that you never showed up.

               Sherry		Oh he's just pissed that I stopped fucking him.

               Jennifer	You fucked Ameer?

               Rhonda	Where have you been?

               Jennifer	You had sex with Ameer?

               Sherry		I told you that.

               Jennifer	No you didn't.

               Sherry		Yes I did.

               Jennifer	I think I would have remembered that.

               Sherry		Well it was nothing to remember, believe me.

               Jennifer	Why would you do that?

               Sherry		I don't know.

               Jennifer	Did he pay you?

               Sherry		No.

               Jennifer	You had sex with Ameer for free?

               Sherry		I know I'm fucked up.

               Rhonda	Remember Heather who worked here a couple of months

               Jennifer	Oh god, of course, I remember Heather.

               Sherry		She was a pig, Rhonda.

               Jennifer	Oh yeah she really was.

               Rhonda	I liked her.

               Sherry		Why?

               Rhonda	I thought she was cute.

               Sherry		She had a pickup truck tattooed on her ass.

               Rhonda	I thought it was funny.

               Sherry		Why would you have a pickup truck tattooed on
               your ass?

               Rhonda	Anyway, Ameer was always talking about watching us
               have sex.

               Jennifer	He wanted to watch you guys together?

               Rhonda	And I was like, "Absolutely not."

               Sherry		That's why you're still here probably, because
               you never let him fuck you.  Remember Sapphire?  She fucked
               Ameer the first day she was here and a week later she was

               Jennifer	Sherry, that's not true.  That girl was a total
               wreck.  She came in here one day with track marks, Sherry. 
               Please she was totally crazy.  Remember when her and Joanna
               got in that fist fight?

               Rhonda	I missed that.

               Jennifer	Well believe me, she was really fucked up.  I'm glad
               Ameer got rid of her.

               Sherry		I came in with track marks one day.

               Jennifer	I know you did.

               Sherry		So should every girl be fired because she likes
               to party every once and a while.

               Rhonda	I hate to break this to you, but track marks is not a
               party.  Track marks is fucked up and you know that.

               Sherry		Forget I said anything.

               Rhonda	You brought it up.

               Sherry		I was just making a point.

               Jennifer	What was your point?  That it's fine to do heroin
               once a week?

               Sherry		I do not do heroin once a week.

               Rhonda	Oh my god, you know you do.

               Sherry		Shut up, Rhonda.

               Rhonda	You know you do.

               Sherry		Can we change the subject please?

               Rhonda	You never want to talk about this.

               Sherry		I'll talk about anything but that.

               Jennifer	Well maybe we should talk about the fact that next
               week we're all gonna be out of a job.

               Rhonda	Oh they're never gonna close this place down.

               Sherry		I hope they do close it down.  I'd like to see
               Ameer back in Pakistan driving a cab, that'd serve him right.

               Rhonda	Oh Guiliani's just jealous because everybody's
               getting some but him.  One hour in my booth and he'd be a new

               Jennifer	I saw him on TV last night saying he doesn't want to
               close us down, he just wants to move us.

               Rhonda	Yeah, they don't want us within 500 feet of a

               Sherry		What's that?

               Rhonda	It's a Jewish temple.  Remember that Hassid I had one

               Sherry		What's that?

               Rhonda	Sherry, a Hassid, it's a Jewish guy.  Remember the
               guy with the hat and the long, black coat and the ear things. 
               That's why they don't want us near a synagogue, we're
               stealing all their business.

               Jennifer	So you don't think we'll all be out of a job in a

               Rhonda	With a body like yours, you'll never be out of a job.

               Scene 6:  Katherine and Mike on the Phone

               Katherine	Mike, what am I going to do with you?

               Mike		What are you talking about?

               Katherine	You know what I'm talking about.

               Mike		No, I don't.

               Katherine	Don't play dumb, Mike.

               Mike		What are you talking about, Katherine?

               Katherine	Where were you just now?

               Mike		It's one o'clock I was having lunch.

               Katherine	Really?

               Mike		Yes.

               Katherine	Your secretary said you were in a meeting.

               Mike		You called here?

               Katherine	Was I not supposed to?

               Mike		What did she tell you?

               Katherine	She said you were in a meeting.

               Mike		Well I was at lunch.

               Katherine	So you lied to your secretary?

               Mike		I did not lie to my secretary.

               Katherine	What did you tell her?

               Mike		I told her I was going to lunch.

               Katherine	You didn't tell her, "If my wife calls tells her
               I'm in a meeting."

               Mike		Of course not.

               Katherine	Why would she say you were in a meeting?

               Mike		Because she's an idiot?  I don't know why.

               Katherine	Maybe you lie to her too and you don't even
               realize it?

               Mike		Why would I lie to my secretary, Katherine?

               Katherine	Because you're a goddamn liar, Mike.  That's what
               you do.  You lie to everyone.  You lie to yourself, you lie
               to me.

               Mike		I'm not doing this today with you, Katherine.

               Katherine	Don't you hang up this phone, Mike.  I swear to
               god, don't you hang up.

               Mike		Well then calm down.

               Katherine	No, Mike, I won't calm down because I'm sick of

               Mike		Katherine, you are out of control.

               Katherine	No, Mike, you're out of control.  Just admit it. 
               You didn't go to lunch, you didn't have a meeting.  Just
               admit it, you were at a goddamn peep show.

               Mike		Oh please.

               Katherine	Don't say, "Oh please".  You know you were.

               Mike		(in a quiet hushed voice)  I don't go to those places
               anymore, I told you that.

               Katherine	Oh I know what you told me.

               Mike		I don't, Katherine.  I was not at a peep show.  I was
               having lunch and if you don't want to believe me, you don't
               have to.

               Katherine	I'll tell you what I believe, Mike.  I believe I
               was doing the laundry this morning.  And I believe I was
               emptying out your pockets.  And I believe I found a gold
               token.  And I believe there were two people fucking on the
               back.  And I believe it's from a peep show.  Am I wrong?  Am
               I?  Are you there?

               Scene 7:  Jennifer Calls her Son and Baby-sitter

               Jennifer	How's he doing?  Did he take a nap?  Is he still
               congested?  Oh well, that's good.  Did he eat anything?  Oh
               yeah, do you mind?  Oh thanks.  (She pauses.)    Hey baby,
               it's mommy.  How are you feeling?  Yeah I'm at work.  Did you
               watch your video, honey?  Oh that's good.  So you're feeling
               better?  I got a surprise for you. 
               No, I'm not gonna tell you.  Eric, it's a surprise.  You'll
               get it when I get home, baby.  You just have to wait.  I love
               you, too, honey.  That's right, when the small hand gets on
               the six.  In fact I might be home a little earlier.  Try to
               get some rest, okay baby?  Okay, I'll see you at six.  Okay,
               put Karen back on the phone.  Okay, let me talk to Karen. 
               Yeah, give the phone to Karen.  I love you, too, baby.  Okay,
               give the phone to Karen.

               Scene 8:  Ameer and Sherry

               Sherry		Ameer, do you hate me?  Ameer?  Ameer?

               Ameer		What?

               Sherry		Do you hate me?

               Ameer		I don't hate you.

               Sherry		Do you love me?

               Ameer		Sometimes.

               Sherry		You still love me, right?

               Ameer		Oh Yes, Sherry, I love you.

               Sherry		You do, don't you?

               Ameer		You make me crazy when you don't show up.

               Sherry		I'm sorry.

               Ameer		Were you really sick?

               Sherry		Yes.

               Ameer		You weren't with Habib?

               Sherry		Oh my god, Ameer, I don't talk to Habib anymore.

               Ameer		You weren't working at Funland?

               Sherry		I was sick at home.

               Ameer		Muhammad said he saw you at Funland last week.

               Sherry		Fuck Muhammad.  I don't see Habib anymore.  I
               don't go over there.  I was home in bed.  I was sick.

               Ameer		You weren't doing the heroin?

               Sherry		Ameer, I was sick.  I'm sorry.  Next time I'll

               Ameer		You promise?

               Sherry		Ameer.

               Ameer		What?

               Sherry		Get in here.  (He looks around and sneaks into
               the booth.)

               Scene 8:  Mike and Bradley Talk

               Mike		Do you think I'm an asshole?

               Bradley	Mike, listen to me.

               Mike		No, tell me honestly.   Do you think I'm an asshole?

               Bradley	Mike, some woman sits on your lap for five minutes,
               you pay her ten bucks.  What's the big deal?  You jack off,
               don't you?

               Mike		Don't you?

               Bradley	And do you always think of Katherine?

               Mike		Do you always think of Susan?

               Bradley	I never think of Susan, that's why it's called a
               fantasy, Mike.  Because you're fantasizing.  Everybody
               fantasizes.  It's no big deal.  You don't think Katherine
               thinks about other men when she's having sex with you?

               Mike		No.

               Bradley	Mike, of course, she thinks of other men.  It's
               completely natural.

               Mike		So you don't think we're assholes.

               Bradley	No, I think you're stupid, that's all.

               Mike		Why am I stupid?

               Bradley	Because only an idiot would go home with peep show
               tokens in his pockets.

               Mike		So what should I do?

               Bradley	Buy her flowers, take her to a movie and tell her
               you're sorry.  She'll get over it.

               Mike		Do you really think it's that easy?

               Bradley	It worked the last time, didn't it?

               Scene 9:  Susan and Katherine Talk and Their Husbands Come

               Katherine	Susan, be honest with me, am I ugly?

               Susan		Oh my god, Katherine, no.  Absolutely not.

               Katherine	Am I plain?

               Susan		Katherine, I don't think Mike goes to those
               places because of you.  I think he'd go no matter who he was
               married to.

               Katherine	Why do you think he goes?

               Susan		I have no idea.

               Katherine	But what do you think?

               Susan	            I don't know. Why does anyone do
               anything.  He probably doesn't even know.

               Katherine	I think he knows, but he's afraid to tell me.

               Susan		How's your sex life?

               Katherine	What do you mean?

               Susan		Like does he want to do weird things?

               Katherine	Of course not.

               Susan		Maybe he does.

               Katherine	We talk about everything.

               Susan		Everything?

               Katherine	Well, now that I'm working it's a little harder.

               Susan		Are you home at night?

               Katherine	Most of the time.

               Susan		How often are you out?

               Katherine	I only show houses on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 
               Other than that, I'm home.

               Susan		Is that when he goes, on Tuesdays and Thursdays?

               Katherine	No, I think he goes in the city on his lunch

               Susan		Well you know what they say, Katherine, the third
               year is the hardest.  If you can make it to the fifth year,
               it usually works out.  But the third year is the worst.

               Katherine        You're in your third year you guys are doing

               Susan              I wish I knew what to say.

               Katherine        I just feel like he's getting bored with me.

               Susan		You know what I gotta go, Bradley just walked in. 
               Call me after dinner.

               Katherine	Don't tell Bradley.

               Susan		He probably already knows.  Call me tonight. 
               (Bradley enters.  Susan hangs up.  Katherine exits.)  Hey how
               was the train?

               Bradley	Packed.  Who was on the phone?

               Susan		Katherine.

               Bradley	Did she tell you what happened?

               Susan		I'm sorry, Bradley, but Mike is disgusting. 
               She's gonna kill him.  Are you hungry?

               Bradley	I'm starving.

               Susan		I made salmon.  (They exit.  Mike enters.)

               Mike		Katherine, I'm home.  (Dead silence.)  Katherine? 
               (Finally, in the distance, we hear her footsteps.  Katherine
               slowly walks on-stage, stands ten feet from him, stops,
               stares at him.  He is standing in his suit with his briefcase
               with him.  Finally, after a long time, she utters:)

               Katherine	You are so dead.  (She walks past him.  Mike is
               left standing alone on-stage.  She yells, as loud as she
               can:)  Get in here! (He shudders and music begins and they

               Scene 10:  White Wedding

               The Silver Curtain pulls on as the men are walking on-stage
               into place.  Philip, Shane,  and Janet (in that order from
               SR) with briefcases. 
               When they reach their places on-stage, they take off their
               suits, put on different outfits (Shane is a leather outfit,
               Janet is in lingerie and a dress, Philip is in rubber), and
               put their suits back on.  They exit upstage through the
               curtain straight up to their respective booths. (Length of
               song:  3 1/2 min.)

               Opening Music Instrumental		All enter with briefcases in
               left hand.

               Walk DS to SL of boxes.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
               					Switch briefcases to left hand and place on

               Adjust ties.

               Snap open briefcases and open up tops.

               Layout outfits (bodies facing SR)

               Hey little sister what have you done

               Hey little sister who's the only one

               Hey little sister who's your superman	Jackets open and off. 
               Fold neatly and tightly.

               Hey little sister who's the one you want

               Hey little sister shot gun!			Jackets in briefcases,
               nicely so that you don't

               have to touch it again.

               It's a nice day to start again		Ties off.

               It's a nice day for a white wedding		Ties in briefcases.

               It's a nice day to start again.		Right sleeves
               unbuttoned/left sleeves unbuttoned.

               Hey little sister what have you done	Take shirts out of
               pants. (finished by done)

               Hey little sister who's the only one		Top shirt buttons
               undown and con't to work down.

               I've been away for so long (so long)

               I've been away for so long (so long)	Shirts off.

               I let you go for so long

               It's a nice day to start again 		Shirts in briefcases.

               (come on)				Shoes off.

               It's a nice day for a white wedding		Unbutton pants.

               It's a nice day to start again.		Open pants and slide

               Pants in briefcases.

               Instrumental				Free-for-all in getting into
               outfits, starting with

               bottoms followed by tops.

               (pick it up)

               Take me back home

               There is nothin' fair in this world

               There is nothin' safe in this world

               And there's nothin' sure in this world

               And there's nothin' pure in this world

               Look for something left in this world

               Start again

               Come on				Once dressed, briefcases should be packed.

               It's a nice day for a white wedding

               (scream)					Start shutting briefcases and stand up
               ready for 						Whatta Man.

               It's a nice day to start again

               It's a nice day for a white wedding

               It's a nice day to start again.

               Scene 11:  Whatta Man

               The Silver Curtain reopens (on 2nd movement in music) to
               reveal the 3 women sitting in their booths.   The men walk up
               to the booths and talk to the women silently.  The booths
               rotate 180. Shane is in leather with Sherry.  Janet in
               lingerie and a dress, talks to Rhonda, she refers to him by
               his female name.  Philip, in rubber,  gets involved in some
               sort of dominatrix thing with Jennifer. 
               Between the choruses of the song, each couple will carry on
               the following dialogue.  The order of conversation:  Sherry
               and Shane first, Jennifer and Philip second, and Rhonda and
               Janet third.  Also, during the choruses, Ameer will cross the
               stage and sweep. (Length of song:  4:54)

               Chorus of Music:

               Sherry and Shane Dialogue:

               Shane		So, what's your real name?

               Sherry		Sherry.

               Shane		No, your real name.

               Sherry		It's Sherry.

               Shane		Nobody uses their real name here.  Tell me your
               real name.

               Sherry		Monica. (money)

               Shane		So where are you from?

               Sherry		Kansas.

               Shane		The city or the state?

               Sherry		The city.

               Shane		You're from Kansas City?

               Sherry		Yeah.

               Shane		No, you're not.

               Sherry		I really am.

               Shane		Tell me where you're really from.

               Sherry		I did.

               Shane		Do you want more of this? (He waves the money.) 
               Then you tell me where you're really from.

               Sherry		Miami. (money)

               Shane		God, I wanna fuck you.  Would you let me fuck
               you?  Really? (money)  Open your mouth.  Wider.  Come here. 
               Closer.  (money)  All the way on the glass.  Stick your
               tongue out.  I think I'm in love with you.


               Jennifer and Philip Dialogue

               Philip		You are so fucking gorgeous. Do you know that? 
               (Jennifer nods.)  No, I'm being serious.  You're amazing.  I
               bet guys come in here all the time and tell you how amazing
               you are.  Don't they?  They do don't they?  You can tell me. 
               I won't be jealous.  Do you have a boyfriend?

               Jennifer	Philip.

               Philip		Oh my god.

               Jennifer	What?

               Philip		Say that again.

               Jennifer	What?

               Philip		My name.  Say it again.

               Jennifer	Philip.

               Philip		Oh god, that's amazing.  You have the world's
               sexiest voice.  Do you know that?

               Jennifer	Philip.

               Philip		Baby, don't tease me.

               Jennifer	Philip.

               Philip		Oh baby, stop it.

               Jennifer	What?

               Philip		You know what.

               Jennifer	What, Philip?

               Philip		Do you know my cock is rock hard right now?

               Jennifer	Philip.

               Philip		I swear it is rock hard.

               Jennifer	Really.  (He takes her hand, puts it on his cock.)

               Philip		That's you, baby.  You did that.  You sure you
               don't have a boyfriend?  Are your eyes real?

               Jennifer	Excuse me?

               Philip		Are those really your eyes?

               Jennifer	What do you mean?

               Philip		You don't wear color contacts?

               Jennifer	No.

               Philip		That's your real color?

               Jennifer	It's my real color, Philip.

               Philip		God, you're amazing.


               Rhonda and Janet Dialogue

               Rhonda	Stand up.  Turn around.  Will you lift it up for me,
               Janet?  (Janet starts to lift the dress up.)  A little
               higher. Come on, Janet, don't be shy.  Oh my God, I'm gonna
               tell you something right now.  Can I tell you something? 
               (Janet nods "Yes.")  This is gonna be our secret, you
               understand right?  You are the most beautiful woman I've ever
               been with.

               At end of music (on "Break it down...") the 3 men exit the
               booths, walk DS to their original places, take one last over
               the shoulder look at the girls, the girls immediately resume
               their sexual play with them, the men turn back around with
               smiles on their faces and exit off SL.  As they are exiting,
               Ameer and Deidre enter.

               Scene 12:  Ameer Interviews Deidre

               Ameer		Some of the men are really nice and some of the
               men are really not.

               Deidre		But it's safe right?

               Ameer		Oh yeah, it's safe, of course.  But I'm just
               telling you some of the men are really weird.  Some are
               really scary.  Some will tell you they want to cut you up in
               little pieces.  Some will call you names.  And some will ask
               you to marry them.  Never give out your phone number.  Well
               it's your life, you can do what you want, but we're not
               responsible.  If some man offers you a bunch of money for
               your phone number and begs you to spend the night and you end
               of floating in the East River, it's not our problem.  You

               Deidre		Some girls end up floating in the East River?

               Ameer		No.  If, if you end up in the East River.

               Deidre		Somebody ended up in the East River?

               Ameer		No, Deidre, no.  Calm down.  Just be careful,
               that's all I'm saying.  Talk to the girls, they'll tell you.

               Deidre		Are they friendly?

               Ameer		Some of them are.  Some are lesbians, too, so,
               you know.

               Deidre		Oh, I don't care about that.

               Ameer		Are you a lesbian?

               Deidre		No.

               Ameer		You like men?

               Deidre		Some of them.

               Ameer		You like Pakistani men?

               Deidre		Some of 'em.  Are you from Pakistan?

               Ameer		Yes.
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