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Actor is in sweat pants, standing by a sink with a small plastic bottle.

I think that like the most difficult part of the day for me would had to have been the douching and the getting ready for that part of it, because it took a lot longer than I thought it was going to take because you want to make sure you're really ready to go. I'm gonna just fill this little guy up.

(Starts to fill the bottle)

You know, one time I did this and was way too hot. I shoved it up my ass and I was like, Wow. Fuck. Too hot. And when you see me my dick will be small, small, small because there's no turn on to this. Oh you guys are hurting for film if you guys are like filming this. I'm just filling up this little bottle, it's no big deal. Oh, this is really funny and it's really important.

Shows the camera the bottle.

See, I have to make sure that the bottle is filled up right to the top and that there's no air in there because if there's air in there, there's air in me and it makes me bloated. So, you guys get to hear all the sounds of it, too. That'll be great. So, now I'm gonna wipe my hands here.

(Wipes hands, but looks into the camera)

Hi mom, I'm doing this because I love you. Okay. And my balls will be all shrunken because it's kinda cold. So now you get to see me.

(Takes down back of his sweats to expose his ass, and bends over to clean the toilet with toilet paper)

Oh, and I have to make sure that the toilet is clean cause you never know who's been there. You can get a good shot of my butt now. This butt has paid for most of my college. My truck. My rent. And all of my Armani suits. But I guess everyone in the business already knows that. Here we go.

(Stands up, lowers his pants to his knees, and prepares to insert the enema)


Now, I know there's gonna be some fag out there who'll say, "I can't believe he's doing that." You know what honey? Fucking turn your head. Tube up my butt. Wait, I can't even find it yet. Oh, there it is. You know, the beginner people like lay down on the floor like the instructions tell you. I think that's great.

PS#1 sits on the toilet and starts to read a magazine. The camera man continues to film him until finally PS#1 indicates for him to cut and he does, switching the monitors to blue.