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Notes to the director in Ft. Lauderdale


this is in response to a note i got from michael...i thought i would share it with you all...also i;ve uploaded some music that i feel captures the mood of the play on but you have to join it and befriend me there to access it...anyway, heres the note:

i would caution you about thinking about the play too gut tells me that this piece really needs to feel honest....above all it has to feel real....the only people i know who can pull off black comedy are the coen brothers....forget about pacing and please don't think in terms of "comedy" black or white....focus on the people.....i actually do not believe it should move fast...i believe there's lots of tension in the play, lots of unknowns....when suzette interviews jack about the crying game etc....that scene should be terrifying to jack....his whole life is about to would kill that scene...the same with all the dolores/joey stuff....tension, tension, tension....the tension should build until the end when it explodes....the words i would focus on in this play are tension and fear....the stakes are high for everyone....the characters should all feel that they are in danger....

every moment should be infused with fear....even a scene doesnt seem to have fear in it, find the fear...

dolores= fearful joey won't come home. fearful he will come home. fearful she might kill him. fearful she won't. fearful of being alone

jack = fearful he'll never write another successful play and fearful that he will.

roy = fearful of linda, his bosses, jacks future, his own future, fear of being found out about lisa newell, fear of bankruptcy, etc etc

joey = fearful of dolores kicking him, fearful of having to get a job, fearful of being thought of as gay, fearful of his own stupidity

suzette = fearful that she never get out of the blue rose, fearful of dying poor and alone

linda = fearful of not getting everything she thinks she's entitled to, fearful she hooked her wagon to a weak husband,

there i just did a lot of work for you....

fear my friend....thats the emotion that should permeate everything,,,,,fear and tension....find the fear in each moment....the other thing about fear is that it plays great theatrically...fear and vulnerability are closely related and nothing gets an audience on your side as much being 10 naked men the audience loved it when robert called the hustlers because he was so fearful and vulnerable....

its always more effective to play hurt than anger...theres alot of anger in the play but fight it..explore the hurt the fear and the vulnerability. when dolores and suzette fight...don't play the anger play the hurt, "who was talking while i was on stage" shes hurt....she doesn't feel respected....bitch fights are boring....don;t let them bitch fight....comprendo?

the're alot of tension in making porn even though i don;t think these two plays are very connected but the following scenes are always best when infused with lots of fear and tension

art interviews jack

jack confesses to Linda

linda tell jack shes going to the shoot

the initial moment when linda walks in to the shoot.

when jamie finally leaves art

when arther waits for jamie to come home and when jamie finally comes fact that scene is extremely similar to the dolores and joey scene...

Tension and Fear focus on those words.

and yes, michael, you're right..NO CAMP!...there is not an ounce of camp in the fact there's no homosexuality in the one in the play is gay or identify gays. although i have no doubt suzette fucks jack in the ass, and roy likes his ass fingered and joey likes to suck dolores's cock....despite all that THESE CHARACTERS ARE NOT GAY AND DO NOT IDENTIFY AS A GAY.

In fact some of my favorite lines are about jack becoming a "faggot writer"...i love roy and lindas homophobia because gay is just not something they even think about it....thats why its interesting when they realize suzette is an "it". this transgender shit isnt even on their radar in the same way books aren't on the radar of dolores, joey and suzette. worlds colliding. thats another theme of the play...more about that later...

ok those are my thoughts for the night...i'm not the director, but those are my thoughts
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